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Compiled from best available sources, November 2011

  1. Dubose, Thomas Jefferson
  2. Groode, Mary
  3. Hall, L. M.
  4. Haut, Walter
  5. Henderson, Oliver W.
  6. Henderson, Sappho
  7. Kromschroeder, John
  8. Marcel Jr, Jesse
  9. McQuiddy, Arthur
  10. Newton, Irving
  11. Porter, Robert
  12. Proctor, Loretta
  13. Roberts, George
  14. Sarbacher, Dr Robert (Letter dated November 29, 1983)
  15. Shirkey, Robert
  16. Sleppy, Lydia
  17. Slusher, Robert
  18. Smith, Robert
  19. Tadolini, Sally Strickland
  20. Woody, William
  21. Zimmerman, Earl


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  2. Disc Mystery is Solved for Three Hours until Roswell Find Collapses: Albuquerque Journal. 9 July 1947.
  3. "NM Rancher Sorry He Said Anything About 'Disc Find'": Albuquerque Tribune, 9 July 1947. Published the full article written by AP reporter Jason Kellahin.
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  11. "Flying saucer is Found in New Mexico": Walla Walla Union-Bulletin. 8 July 1947.
  12. Official Media Photos of the Roswell Incident taken by James Bond Johnson and Major Charles A. Cashon in General Roger Ramey's office at the Fort Worth Army Air Field, and an official photo of a typical Mogul reflector held up by Professor Charles B. Moore (from NYU), compiled by SUNRISE Information Services from best available sources, February 2012.


  1. Memo from General Nathan F. Twining on Preliminary Examination of a Recovered Disc in New Mexico, 15 July 1947.
  2. Letter from General Nathan F. Twining to Mr Julius Earl Schaefer of Boeing Airplane Company, 17 July 1947.
  3. Letter to General Twining from the Advanced Study Group, 12 September 1947.
  4. Memo from General Twining that began all U.S. UFO Studies by the USAF, 23 September 1947. A variation on this memo dated 28 September 1947 can be downloaded here, and the plain text version from here.
  5. FBI Teletype describes disk of Roswell as hexagonal in shape, 8 July 1947.
  6. FBI Memo written at around the time of the Roswell incident from John Edgar Hoover, First Director of the FBI, regarding "flying discs", 10 July 1947.
  7. USAF/Battelle First Progress Report on Titanium Alloys under contract number AF 33(038)-3736, 31 August 1949. This report was released through US FoI in February 2010.
  8. USAF/Battelle Second Progress Report on Titanium Alloys under contract number AF 33(038)-3736, 31 October 1949. This report was released through US FoI in August 2009.
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  12. Executive Summary Report of Air Force Research regarding the "Roswell Incident", 8 September 1994.
  13. USAF Roswell Report: Fact vs Fiction in the New Mexico Desert, July 1995.
  14. GAO Report on the Roswell Incident, 28 July 1995. A plain text version prepared by John Kirby is available here.
  15. Interpretation of General Ramey's Memo, using image supplied by the University of Texas Arlington Library (UTA) and best available text interpretation and analysis from Mr David Rudiak and other researchers.


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  1. Summary Analysis of the 1949 Battelle/USAF First and Second Progress Reports on Titanium Alloys prepared by SUNRISE.