]> Can UFOs Advance Science?

Can UFOs Advance Science?

Making the Case for a New Electromagnetic Technology

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ISBN: 978 0 648586 012 (U.S. English)
ISBN: 978 0 648586 005 (Intern. English)
Number of pages: 500
Non Fiction / Science
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The full-colour paperback edition comes with additional pictures and two extra appendices, including additional UFO cases, not available in the eBook (US and International English versions).

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UFOs have been observed since antiquity. While many can be explained under a range of natural and man-made phenomena such as planets, stars, aircraft and weather balloons just to name a few, a small, hard-core percentage of UFO reports providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object flying in the air has continued to mystify the scientists. Naturally one must ask, "What are these UFOs?"

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado and headed by nuclear physicist Dr Edward U. Condon claimed that UFO reports represented nothing new to science and, therefore, would not advance our scientific knowledge.

With marks left on the ground and witnesses who have suffered from radiation poisoning, burns, being knocked to the ground by light beams, and other medical conditions in the presence of these objects, a growing number of these hardcore reports are revealing some kind of electromagnetic phenomena. Perhaps ball lightning, if we are to assume that Dr Condon is correct.

Now, a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery will blow away the 1969 conclusion thanks to an amazing new discovery that will shock some readers. This book reveals for the first time the secret behind the genuine UFO reports.

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