]> Can UFOs Advance Science?

Can UFOs Advance Science?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do UFOs exist?

Scientifically, yes they do. It would be unwise, and certainly unscientific, to claim no UFOs exist. There are flying objects in the sky that do not have an immediate and readily identifiable natural or man-made explanation. Of course, this does not mean that every UFO represents an alien spacecraft. What it does mean is that if a small percentage of the UFOs does have the potential to represent something new to science, it is in the interest of the scientific community to find out what it is. So, if electromagnetic side-effects are observed by witnesses and the objects are seen at close range to reveal a distinctive shape and other features that are not familiar to known man-made objects, and even the occupants themselves are not entirely human, scientific research and investigations should definitely be carried out, and done so without bias and with no preconceived ideas of what UFOs could or should be by anyone.

Based on your research, can you safely say that we are being visited by aliens?

After carrying out this research, the prospects of finding alien life are extremely good. But to be scientific about it, it is best to be conservative and say that once we build the electromagnetic flying object lying at the heart of genuine UFO reports (and hence prove the radiation reaction force is a legitimate and real concept that we can apply today), we will know the answer beyond a shadow of a doubt.

However, if we are to give a tentative conclusion, it would appear that we are being visited by someone who has the electromagnetic technology and is employing it as we speak to observe and study us. The USAF and other authorities have not mentioned anything to suggest that they are responsible for this technology, even though we know the USAF has built a prototype in December 1980 and tested it in the state of Texas (see Cash-Landrum UFO case). But since electromagnetic UFOs have been observed well before the USAF has worked on this technology, it does not leave us with very many other options except the extraterrestrial one.

Aliens, or no aliens, we need to be prepared for what we will discover through this electromagnetic technology.

Have one of these electromagnetic objects visited us in Biblical times?

There are stories in the Bible of a mysterious entity called God coming down from the skies, principally in a large cloud, to influence people on the ground. Slightly more details of the flying object get revealed in the story of Moses where a glowing cloud moving in the sky was helping Moses and his people to leave Egypt and to stop the Egyptian soldiers from intercepting the group (see Evolution of Life section under the Recent period link for more details). In other stories, certain wise old men seem to have given more details about what is hidden once the cloud disperses to reveal the flying object.

In modern UFO cases, we know some UFOs can come masquerading as a cloud and suddenly make themselves known to the witnesses. Together with their glowing metal surfaces looking like a giant electric light bulb, it is reasonable to imagine these objects as being able to make clouds surrounding the objects look like they are glowing. The principle of making clouds is not difficult. All it requires is the emission of energy from the surface of the object to push away the air and cause a reduction in air pressure. Add humidity to the mix and it is not magical to create clouds and make it surround the object. Well, let us put it this way: it is not an advanced alien thing to achieve making clouds. When it comes to electromagnetism, there is a certain energy to make this work.

There is a scientific explanation using the electromagnetic technology to show how the cloud formation and glowing surface is achieved.

Whilst the Moses story in the Bible and other stories are not quite detailed enough to conclude that we are dealing with an electromagnetic technology, it is worth keeping a note on these sorts of observations.

Why haven't these symmetrical UFOs advanced enough to use a non-electromagnetic technology?

Good question. One should expect a continuum of advanced alien civilisations to come up with original and different solutions. You might consider us at the lower end while we maintain a preference for fossil fuel based flying technology with wings to move through the air and provide lift. What we see in the UFOs reports represents another higher level of understanding of how to fly. So why not the most advanced alien civilisations discovering something more exotic? Perhaps. However, virtually all modern-day and genuine UFOs reported by witnesses tend to be symmetrical in shape for at least the main body. There are some superficial differences, with some coming with protrusions around specific positions around the base of the circular object, and others relying on specific geometric shapes (e.g., an equilateral triangle) that are symmetrical along certain axes. Yet despite the passage of time and the potential for different groups being responsible for flying these objects to improve on the designs and find alternative new and more advanced technologies and concepts that are not reliant on electromagnetism, it seems the essential concept behind the electromagnetic technology and the natural electromagnetic side-effects this technology creates, such as cloud formation and glowing effects, does not seem to change even after thousands of years, only the outer appearance of the objects may vary, Yet it seems all the objects appear to reveal the same electromagnetic side-effects that are common across different genuine UFO reports as if they are employing the same electromagnetic technology despite some variability externally speaking.

There is something about the electromagnetic technology at the fundamental level associated with these more unusual UFO reports that does not change, and appears to be the only viable solution available for whoever are flying these objects.

Now, after looking at the physics of UFO technology, we can see why. There is only one area, specifically in electromagnetism, to allow for tremendous acceleration. Every other way would require brute force and to carry a lot of mass by way of fuel to even vaguely approach the speed of light. The electromagnetic concept, however, focuses on a recycling of electromagnetic energy as the solution to this brute force method. If any other technology could possibly exist to improve on this aspect, it would have to be a means of reducing the energy density of space to zero to create what scientists call worm holes. These are mathematically hypothetical regions of perfect vacuum. In such a region, anything can be accelerated to speeds exceeding the speed of light. In fact, light and all solid matter can be accelerated to infinite speeds. Then we would have a situation as we see in those science fiction films such as Star Wars where flying objects can reach opposite ends of a galaxy in a matter of hours. In a scientific sense, this is an impossibility. No amount of energy or technology can be created to push away this energy of space. Space itself will exert an equally strong counteracting force from the energy outside to push itself back in and ensure the region is filled with energy. Nothing in the universe, not even the biggest black hole, can ever create a perfect vacuum. As a consequence of this, the only means possible to reach the stars is to travel close to the speed of light, and to use the electromagnetic concept of radiation recycling to avoid the excess mass to be carried, so it can be possible to reach the high speeds quickly and easily.

What do we need to do to see this concept in reality?

The technology and concept is known. There is even a patented invention to support the concept (except the inventor has not realised it). All we need to do is conduct a simple experiment to emit radiation from a charged object in one direction and observed the "exponential" acceleration effect. That is where we are at.