Can UFOs Advance Science?

A New Look at the Evidence

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UFOs - A perpetual problem

UFOs do exist and have been observed since antiquity and continue to be spotted to this day. While many can be explained under a range of natural and man-made phenomena such as planets, stars, aircraft and weather balloons, a small hard-core percentage of UFOs providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object flying in the air has continued to mystify the scientists.

Naturally one must ask, What are these UFOs?

Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974

Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974

Can UFOs advance science?

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado headed by Dr Edward U. Condon claimed that UFO reports represented nothing new to science and, therefore, will not advance our scientific knowledge

Now a new concise and simple scientific analysis of the mystery will show you can advance science from the study of UFOs. The solution lies in how the UFO reports reveal a hitherto unknown electromagnetic technology and with it a means of advancing our scientific knowledge about gravity and how light bends with the help of the electromagnetic field.

Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965

Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965

Is there something electromagnetic in the UFO reports?

The late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States noticed between 1952 and 1953 something electromagnetic in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he said:

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down....[The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterised] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation." (1)

Senior radio engineer Dr Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa also believed from his government-funded study into UFOs that there was a link between UFOs and electromagnetism.

Despite the Condon report, UFO reports keep getting reported, including metallic or glowing, smooth and symmetrical objects manned by humanoid beings dressed in skin-tight and smooth metallic suits and have the ability to affect man-made electrical systems and impart other electromagnetic effects on the environment and people.

With marks left on the ground and witnesses who have suffered from radiation poisoning, burns, and other medical conditions in the presence of these objects, a growing number of the hard-core reports are revealing some kind of electromagnetic phenomena. Either we have a long-running secret of a man-made electromagnetic flying machine experiment being conducted by someone or some organisation, or it is a fancy type of ball lightning. But after looking at both possibilities, SUNRISE has suddenly come across something new in the reports not before seen until now. And it is revealing a new electromagnetic technology—something that we can apply right now if we are game enough to try.

Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957

Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957

The U.S. Department of Defense showed interest in the unusual form of acceleration displayed by UFOs

Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy wrote in a statement published on Friday 4 November 2017:

"The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

However, it may interest him and others to know that UFOs can have a technological explanation.

For example, in the latest Pentagon UFO study carried out secretly between 2007 and 2012 at the request of former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (4), the focus was on those UFOs described as a "craft" due to the presence of artificial-looking features — such as windows and certain protrusions as well as glowing regions — and to look at the type of technology that would be required to explain the remarkable acceleration, almost immediate stops in mid-air, and the ability to make sudden changes in direction. If the technology could be found to explain all these strange manoeuvres and extreme acceleration behaviours, it may be possible to identify advanced aviation threats and later to weaponize the technology for defence purposes.

Advanced aviation threats? New types of advanced weapons? That was enough to prick the ears of some people in the Pentagon. Combined with the likelihood that some Pentagon officials and at least one person in U.S. Congress in modern times are not aware of supersecret Air Force studies into these objects after 1947 beyond the superficial Project Blue Book, and we can see why the study took place. Unfortunately the cost of the study had reached $22 million by 2012 and that was enough for certain Defence chiefs, who have expressed opposition to the study since its inception, to have an excuse to terminate the study. Basically, if it starts to look expensive, terminate the project as quickly as possible. Or better still, how about reading our book to get the answer? At a cost of $40, it beats $22 million any time.

Certainly from a scientific perspective, when you see statements from credible military pilots emerging from the study along these lines:

"The program produced documents that describe sightings of aircraft that seemed to move at very high velocities with no visible signs of propulsion, or that hovered with no apparent means of lift." (Cooper, Helene, Blumenthal, Ralph and Kean, Leslie. "Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious UFO Program" : The New York Times. 16 December 2017. Also available here.)

you can be sure we are dealing with genuine UFOs. As Pentagon experts and military pilots have trouble explaining the objects, we definitely have UFOs. The question is, what type of UFO are we talking about?

As the focus of the study was on UFOs looking like a "craft" due to certain visible "artificial" features, it leaves us with either drones, foreign man-made advanced aircraft. or something more exotic. However, the high speed nature of the UFOs with their ability to make almost right angle changes in direction, as well as tremendous acceleration and deceleration forces us to eliminate the "drones" and "man-made aircraft" theory. What is left has to be something more unusual. But since military pilots believe UFOs represent genuine and solid-looking "artificial" flying objects, it means we must have a new type of technology. The question is, what type of technology could we be dealing with here? It is undoubtedly a technology where we can't see the propulsion system, does not emit visible propellants or exhaust fumes. and it can accelerate in a dramatic way. Well, there is an area of physics, more specifically in electromagnetism, that will allow for this kind of astonishing acceleration and lack of visible propellants being thrown out the back end of the objects from whatever engine these objects may have. Furthermore, Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory linking the gravitational field with the electromagnetic field tells us how to control the gravitational field inside a symmetrical metal object such that inertial forces can be reduced over the body to allow for those sudden changes in direction and speed. So it means that if anything biological is piloting these UFOs, it can withstand the inertial forces far better than human pilots in the best fighter jets available today.

What is the secret to tremendous acceleration?

The secret lies in an obscure mathematical formula found only in a few advanced university textbooks on electromagnetism (together with one other aspect as revealed in the book). Not fully understood by other scientists despite the concept being known for more than a century, it involves the emission of radiation from the surface of a charged object. From this type of emission and the resultant exponential acceleration that takes place, all observations of the more unusual symmetrical and glowing UFOs can be explained.

The key term here is "exponential". We are not talking about linear acceleration such as what you see in aircraft, cars or boats when a person presses on an accelerator pedal or stick. The linear nature of the acceleration is unmistakably apparent from the way the inertial force on the body feels constant (i.e., pressing you against the seat). Exponential means that at first it can start slowly but quickly builds up over time to create tremendous acceleration. Furthermore, you will notice from this non-linear acceleration the way the inertial force on the body increases with time. That is normal. And with adjustments to electric charge and frequency of the emitted radiation, there is no reason why the initial slow startup cannot be minimised to seem like almost instantaneous high-end acceleration.

For example, the following information was released by Canadian authorities on a UFO case that took place on 1 July 2006:

Canada Sightings Possible Antenna

North Delta, B. C.   On July 1, 2006 a single light, cigar shaped space craft was observed hovering for a couple hours. It was first noticed at 5 PM. At 7:30 PM, there appeared to be two or three objects in the sky, moving in swift movements, but not really going too far. The object is silver in color and one observer thought there may be an antenna dangling below it. Acceleration seemed to be the opposite of any traditional aircraft, the objects seemed to be moving slowly at first and then accelerating faster as it started to move. Incredible! It then moved in an “S” type of pattern straight up. It first appeared in the eastern sky, then moved more to the south. We had planes to compare it to during the sighting! This was NOT a plane!"

Notice the additional observation of an "S" type of flight pattern. When describing radiation in a mathematical sense, we use the S symbol to represent the sinusoidal nature of the oscillating electromagnetic energy travelling through space. If we are dealing with a genuine "craft" piloted by a biological entity, clearly someone is trying to tell us something about the technology. At the very least, the above observation is already suggesting to us that we are dealing with an electromagnetic technology. Forget chemical or nuclear propulsion. It is all electromagnetic.

Furthermore, to avoid creating a sonic boom and high temperatures to melt the surface of any moving object travelling at high speed, there is a way to reduce air pressure at the surface using electromagnetic concepts.

Everything that has been mentioned by witnesses of an unusual form of acceleration for solid looking flying objects does not surprise scientists in the world of electromagnetism. For U.S. Defence officials keen to express their opposition to UFO studies, it is the reason why they want to quash any further official interest in UFO studies. And all the while the USAF continues to carry out supersecret studies into UFOs in secret locations. UFO secrecy in the U.S. military at the public level is to be expected and the norm until someone breaks the secret.