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Something crashed in the desert not far from Roswell, New Mexico, on the night of July 2, 1947, after being hit by lightning, causing a massive explosion and scattering a large amount of supertough and extremely lightweight materials over a vast area as it tried to speed away from the thunderstorm. Among the materials found was a newspaper-thin and extremely tough dark-greyish foil with the uncanny ability to return to its original shape.

All of the materials picked up by the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and U.S. Army were scientifically analysed at Wright-Patterson AFB As confirmed by media outlets at the time and military personnel involved in the recovery operation) before being sent to secret locations around the country. Despite the scientific literature revealing an unmistakable interest in titanium-based shape-memory alloys by the USAF almost immediately after the event (commencing in early 1948) and with one military general who worked at Wright-Patterson AFB admitting that the foil contained titanium, we know of only one dark-greyish shape-memory alloy capable of matching the observations made by witnesses of the Roswell foil. It is known as NiTi, the most powerful shape-memory alloy composed of nickel titanium, with possible small traces of certain other elements to enhance its engineering properties as the scientific literature has revealed. More amazingly, the USAF were the first to properly look at a very pure sample of NiTi in 1948 at the request of certain individuals at Wright-Patterson AFB. Because the USAF did not have the technology to make highly pure NiTi in 1947 or even in 1948 and the means to mass produce it, the USAF asked the Battelle Memorial Institute to assist in the work. This was the only scientific institution in the world to have developed the vacuum furnace capable of producing small samples of highly pure titanium-based alloys.

But this begs the question, how did the USAF manufacturer a tough NiTi-like foil in the quantities found near Roswell by July 1947? No technology existed anywhere in the world to manufacture pure enough NiTi or any titanium-based alloy. And no other shape-memory alloy exist with the required color and toughness characteristics as NiTi.

Due to the continuing secrecy surrounding this incident, efforts were made by one New Mexico congressman to get to the bottom of the mystery. Without realising the importance of NiTi and other shape-memory alloys to the USAF, the USAF was effectively able to get away with an explanation for why the incident remains secret. It is alleged the USAF was conducting a secret military experiment using weather balloons to send instruments high up into the atmosphere tin an attempt to detect nuclear explosions in Russia. If this is true, then why use so much of an expensive and impossible to build alloy in 1947 to create the weather balloons? Why not use aluminium foil or a simple metallic-looking plastic? Surely it would be cheaper and easier to make.

Well, it appears the USAF is taking on that position for the materials. In other words, no exotic materials were created for this experiment.

However, this cannot be true. The witnesses are certain they had observed a distinct metal foil, as thin as a sheet of newspaper, that could not be burned or cut, was extremely lightweight, and showed a distinct ability to return to its original shape. The scientific literature now shows support for the witnesses' claims with a direct link with this class of alloys, in particular NiTi, to the USAF at Wright-Patterson AFB so close after the incident.

This is unlikely to be a coincidence.

What exactly is the USAF hiding from the American public after all this time. Why can't the military come clean on exactly what it had found? And why the lingering rumours of aliens allegedly having crashed to earth in this part of the world? Is there meant to be some truth to this claim?

When combined with the SUNRISE book, Can UFOs Advance Science? Making the Case for a New electromagnetic Technology, we can now appreciate why a shape-memory alloy would be used in an electromagnetic flying object, and how the object got hit by lightning. There is something important about retaining its original shape as needed to support Einstein's Unified Field Theory, and how it flies that makes all the difference in understanding the nature of this Roswell object. The explanation is now clear. The question that remains is why is the USAF choosing to keep the evidence of something scientifically significant to itself after all this time?

About the revised and expanded edition

The book that started the controversy in the United States, with its remarkable insight into the dark-grey nickel-titanium (NiTi) shape-memory alloy known as nitinol and its link to the Roswell foil and the secret work carried out by the USAF after 1947 into nitinol and other titanium-based shape-memory alloys, is now fully revised and expanded. This edition contains the latest information on nitinol’s physical properties and history, including a new chapter that looks at alternative materials and explains how likely it is that these materials could be used to explain the Roswell foil.

Was the Roswell foil nitinol or some NiTi-X variant? Can we assume the USAF did not work on shape-memory alloys in the late 1940s? Could it, or any other entity in the world, have created nitinol or any other titanium-based shape-memory alloy in 1947 and in quantities sufficient to build a large weather balloon or aircraft to carry passengers and pilots? And what exactly did crash in July 1947 that prompted the USAF to keep quiet about the shape-memory foil and the “victims” found on a local rancher’s property?

You be the judge as the book explores the latest history behind the Roswell case and further scientific insights into the mysterious shape-memory foil found by witnesses and the military, all in an easy-to-read book.

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