Privacy Policy

Our privacy statement to you

In the wake of the European Union laws (see English version here) governing personal data and the protection of your privacy together with enhancements to the Australian Privacy Act 1988, here is our policy on this matter:

Email messages

Emails we receive from you will be kept for a period of 1 year. In rare circumstances maybe longer if they provide significant benefits to our research. The information is not used for any other purposes except for research. We do not, under any circumstances, sell or knowingly distribute the emails or email addresses of individuals or organisations to anyone else. The only possible exception are those companies we use to receive your emails — namely Yahoo and These companies do have the technological means to access the emails we receive from you in our inbox. As we have no control over these companies and what they do with the data, we strongly recommend that you refer to their privacy policy to see how well they protect your personal information before sending emails to us. Beyond that, we all know that governments can and do read the metadata headers of nearly everyone's email messages where they may originate from. Their main interest is to look for specific keywords and, if necessary, the contents of email messages (if it feels it is in the interest of national security, and then it will argue against maintaining your privacy on the grounds of anti-terrorism and other anti-crime laws). The same is true of spy agencies (without proper encryption, they can read anything).

if you do send emails to us and only want us to view it, use a powerful encryption technology (of military-grade), Send us the decryption key by an alternative delivery method (preferably not online).

Also, all emails are kept on a secure database that is not linked to this web site or any other online server (so hacking of our online resources for personal details is a futile exercise).

If you do not want to provide us with personal details but do wish to send us information for our research, you can do this anonymously, with or without high quality encryption if you prefer. For anonymity, our message sender page allows you the option to enter a fake email address and name. Or you can do this through a variety of online anonymous emailers, such as W3-Anonymous Remailer. Combine this with a strong privacy-protected browser such as Tor or another trusted and dedicated VPN service, you can be certain your IP address will be completely anonymous. And as a final level of security, you should encrypt the contents of your email and send it to us, and use a separate delivery method to send us the password (you only need to send it once). In this way, we will maintain the highest confidentiality and privacy in the information you provide. For a high-grade email encryption solution, try GPG Suite for Mac users, or GPG4win for Windows users. Also, our SUNRISE Contacts solution is equipped with a feature to encrypt text and send emails with ease. Encryption is of a high standard (but not military grade). So visiting a public free internet location and sending encrypted emails via our product will provide an excellent level of anonymity and protection.


Our GuestBook page will retain your email address, name (which is basically your username, so you can be anonymous here if you wish), password, and your messages. Passwords are always encrypted, so please do not ask us to give you (or someone else claiming to be acting on your behalf) the password. If you forget the password, you must reset it and click the link we send you to your email address. Comments you provide on this page are considered by SUNRISE to be approved and given with your full and explicit consent for all to read.

Periodically (usually once a year) we will do what is known as a "spring clean", removing old or outdated (unless of historical importance) comments in favour of the latest and most useful for our research and considered the best comments from our readers.

The Guestbook page is the only place we will use cookies to keep track of essential information about your guestbook account as needed for you to easily upload new comments to our web site. You can clear the cookies by logging out, quitting your browser and re-launching (your browser settings should clear all cookies). Only when you login will the cookies be used.

About the only other place cookies will be used is from PayPal, but only if you decide to make a purchase online through our website. We have no control over these cookies.

Purchasing books from this web site

Regarding the purchasing of books from our web site, we only need essential personal details needed to complete the order and send you the items. The personal details are primarily your name, delivery address for sending your books, your email address for notifying you of the status of the order and delivery, and any further information you decide to provide to PayPal in the order for us to include in the delivery (e.g., a telephone number for the delivery driver to contact you). This information is kept for just long enough to display your tax invoice online after making the purchase, and in delivering the books. Afterwards, we destroy your name and telephone number for identifying you. We will keep suburb, city and postal code for the purposes of determining correct tax to pay in our country for a period of 7 years. Afterwards it is destroyed.

Since purchasing is done through PayPal, please check this company's own privacy policy.

SUNRISE Contacts

When it comes to SUNRISE Contacts, any license key or code we supply to you will be kept on a database together with your name and email address (or postal address, although in most cases it will be by email unless you specifically ask for a CD to be sent to you).

Other than that, you should bear in mind that the software does offer a feature called Google Maps, and access to invoice creation using PayPal and QuickBooks Online. These are optional features that only activate and data is sent to these third-parties should you decide to use the service. If you don't use the service, no data is sent. As with any electronic address book having this feature, should you use Google Maps to locate an address in SUNRISE Contacts or some other third-party service, be aware that the third-party service provider will record your IP address, the address and/or latitude and longitude coordinates (which ultimately can easily be translated into a physical address) and have all this associated an account you have established with these providers. Please read the privacy policy of these providers and why they need this information. Hopefully there will also be a means of controlling this information under your direction.

The SUNRISE web site

As we are one of the very few web sites not to use cookies or watch you for everything that you do on our web site (other than the Guestbook), your privacy is significantly protected as you browse and navigate through our web site. This means that we will:

or anything else for that matter.

However, if you decide to move away from our web site to visit third-party web sites, including those that we recommend through our links published on our web site, we cannot guarantee such information will not be communicated to the owners of those web sites. To find out more about how other web sites gather information and how the information is being used, always check their privacy policy or terms of use web pages and decide if those sites are sufficiently trustworthy to use.

For example,, the people hosting our web site, can and do record your IP address, the address of the referring site, the date and time of your visit to our web site, you top level domain name (e.g., .gov/.org/.inc etc), and addresses of pages accessed and documents downloaded. All this information is readily available and accessible to us via the cPanel tools. We do not make use of such information. Your privacy remains our utmost importance. Furthermore, our web hosting provider can read any aspect of our web site (including the comments you leave in the Guestbook) and any emails we receive or send out through its servers. Therefore, if you have anything confidential to send to us, check our Email messages section on this page for our recommended advice in how to deliver the information to us so that only we are able to read this information and no one else.

The above paragraph also applies to in relation to email messages.

Who to contact for privacy matters

If you have any further questions about our privacy policy, or wish to submit a request to view all emails we have kept from you, please feel free to send them to our email address above with the subject heading "Privacy Enquiry".