Install on PC

for SUNRISE Contacts

How to install for PC users

Fortunately for PC users, you don't have all the hassles Mac users have to deal with on macOS. The only steps to follow when installing SUNRISE Contacts are as follows:

The quickest way

  1. Download SUNRISE Contacts for Windows. The link shown here is a direct download of the file from this web site.
  2. Verify yourself that you have the original unmodified downloaded file. To do this, you merely have to right click on the zip file and choose Properties. Look at how many bytes the downloaded file is. It should match up with the number of bytes we have published on the home page where you downloaded the file. Any variation on this number for whatever reason means the file should be discarded and re-download again. If it is still not the right file size, contact us immediately. We will check and make sure the official version is released on this web site with the correct file size.
  3. If the file size is correct, then unzip the file, and drag-and-drop the folder to your preferred location on the main hard drive.
  4. Finally, if you want to run the databases of SUNRISE Contacts in FileMaker Pro 18 or higher version, you will need the plug-ins we have created. Open up the Extensions folder inside SUNRISE Contacts 2021. Drag-and-drop a copy of Clipboard, Encryptor, FileManipulator, FileZip, System and Web plug-ins (with the fmx64 file extension) and place them inside the Extensions folder of FileMaker Pro 18 or higher version. Launch FileMaker Pro, go into Preferences, and choose the Plug-in tab. From there, put a tick in the check box that says, "Always load the plug-ins".