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1. Can I use SUNRISE Contacts on an iOS device?

Yes. In fact, as soon as Apple removed the free web publishing (i.e. WebDirect-like) feature known as Instant Web Publishing (IWP) in the standard and advanced versions of FileMaker Pro some years back (and would have been the ideal solution for budding and budget-conscious families and small businesses in delivering data online to a small team), the company introduced the much cheaper option known as FileMaker Go. It is a kind of compensation to customers for the rather significant loss of the IWP feature, but deep down it is a quiet strategy to encourage people to buy iPads and/or iPhones and give Apple more profit in selling FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server (not because Apple was losing money from selling the product, but because it is a shareholder company in desperate need to maximise profit wherever it can). On the positive side, FileMaker Go is free (for now) and will allow the running of your databases on any number of iOS devices. Thanks Apple! You are too kind.

For Android users, no such option exists at the moment. Sorry guys. Apple hasn't been kind to you as yet. The only thing you can do is set up the secure FileMaker Server option to access the databases on a web browser of any smartphone or tablet device.

However, there is yet another unfortunate catch for the weary consumer. Plug-ins developed by FileMaker developers to enhance the features and functions of SUNRISE Contacts will not work on iOS or Android devices because Apple wants to use a different microprocessor for its portable products and likewise for Android manufacturers compared to the desktop and laptop versions.

Not only that, but Apple can still technically gather data coming out of a FileMaker Pro databases through an iOS device to the Apple servers by pushing data through as a means of syncing data with different devices unless the data is properly encrypted. Oh well, never mind. There is a better solution.

We recommend that you use our PC version of SUNRISE Contacts and run it on your combo laptop/tablet device using the proper Intel processor, and enjoy the full power, including all the plug-ins we supply as standard (which includes high-level encryption). But keep in mind the fact that any data you wish to transfer from your PC to any Mac user will be noticed by the Apple servers. If you have sensitive data and need users on a Mac or iOS device to access it, make sure you use encryption (1).

Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple has chosen not to provide a combo tablet/laptop product that utilises the Intel processor (the requirement to run all the features of SUNRISE Contacts). Only Windows machines can do this. Reason: Apple needs to sell the iOS devices using a different processor, forcing consumers to purchase an iPhone and/or iPad, as well as a Mac as the way to maximise profits for the company.

As you can see, Windows machines are a little more forgiving.