SUNRISE Contacts 2017


1. Can I access the data in SUNRISE Contacts on a secure web page of my choosing?

Yes, you can. Once you have established a secure web server (using https and a VPN), you have to use Apple's own FileMaker Server 16 or higher to access SUNRISE Contacts. At more than $1,000 plus for a monthly subscription and on a per user basis, this is not exactly the most cost-effective solution (1) for the average consumer. Businesses? Well, that is another question, and only if there is a guarantee of a profit from it.

2. Can I use SUNRISE Contacts on an iOS device?

Yes. In fact, almost immediately after the move by Apple to remove the web publishing feature in the standard FileMaker Pro app, the company quickly introduced the cheaper option: use your iOS device!

With the advent of FileMaker Pro 14 and higher versions, Apple has permitted users to access their data in SUNRISE Contacts and other FileMaker solutions on virtually any number of iOS and Android devices (just as we can do on any number of computers for the Runtime option, which is the way SUNRISE Contacts was created) for free. Of course, this no doubt means that any data you wish to transfer will be noticed by the Apple servers. So it isn't a perfect and most secure solution. It is a compromise. Your only option here is to encrypt your data (2).

3. Can I use this product on any portable tablet?

Yes you can, and generally this is a reasonably secure approach. However, beware that if you are on the internet with your iOS device for any length of time, Apple can still quietly push information on your mobile devices through its own servers.

At any rate, if you choose this option, we recommend running SUNRISE Contacts straight out-of-the-box on an Intel-based PC tablet (such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro or other similar laptop/tablet combo machines) running Windows 7 or higher. Apple's decision to stop Web Publishing in a free manner and with a different processor for its iOS devices (which will naturally disable our plug-ins as well) means you must use our PC version to get the full power.

4. Can I use SUNRISE Contacts with Cloud services?

SUNRISE Contacts and the Cloud (i.e., a place to host your databases on online servers) are a match made in heaven. So, if you need information about how this service works, or require a recommendation of a good Cloud service (3) that will offer the fastest and most reliable hosting of SUNRISE Contacts at a much better price than Apple is asking (if you want to go the web publishing way without the heavy ongoing expense of establishing and enjoying this service on your own), don't hesitate to give us a buzz.

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