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Standard App

The file for organising your contacts. This self-contained solution designed for PC and Mac leverages the power and features of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and several powerful free plug-ins developed by SUNRISE to give you a spyware-free and privacy-protected solution, as you would expect of a product of this type.

finance currency rates.fmp12, finance business.fmp12
finance department.fmp12
finance investment.fmp12
finance personal.fmp12
finance super.fmp12

Create your own category system and quickly organise your income and expenses. See where you can make savings or increase income. Generate Business Activity Reports for the Tax Office, or make more informed financial decisions with its numerous graphical charts. Comes with over 20 years of currency exchange rates from the European Central Bank, depreciation tables, credit card number validator, car travel record, and more.

Organise your jobs applications, job adverts, and position details. Used it to consolidate your selection criteria responses and job applications to help tailor make your next response to a future employer to suit different jobs. This database will store all your references, certificates, web addresses and passwords to online training and job search web sites to simplify your job search efforts.

Organise a variety of visual, auditory and text-based information. Use it to store recipes, manage your video collections, organise all your lecture notes, or whatever you prefer.

Organise and play your music files through a simplified alternative to Apple iTunes and without the restrictions. And yes, you can add album artwork quickly and easily.

Organise your photos. Use it to display a slideshow with custom timer, upload photos to common photo sites, import photos in a batch, or automatically update the photos' own metadata information.

Find postcodes with maps for Australia, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, China, Turkey and more.

International airport terminal codes with latitude and longitude information, country codes (with EPS flags), local (telephone) area codes and regions, time zones, daylight savings time, distance calculator between any two destinations, and more for the weary traveller.

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Additional Add-ons

Want more? We have additional add-on tools to expand SUNRISE Contacts. Or let us know and we will create new add-ons or add the features or functions to existing ones for you.

  1. SUNRISE Business / Education
    (the "Give Me an Advantage" Collection)
  2. SUNRISE Computer
    (the "Nerdy Collection")
  3. SUNRISE Research
    (the "Truth Seeker Collection")
  4. SUNRISE Travel Extras
    (the "Globe Trotter Collection")