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SUNRISE Contacts user interface design for the Contacts layout.

An electronic organizer with your privacy in mind

A free contacts organizer with the power of lookup databases to handle any kind of auditory and visual information, all in a spyware-free tool specifically tailored to protecting your sensitive information. Designed for iOS/Android and Mac/PC using the latest FileMaker Pro platform, this is a powerful tool. No longer will you have to worry about other people (not even SUNRISE) trying to surreptitiously read and/or send personal or business-related information from this tool to advertisers, software manufacturers, business competitors, or whoever without your explicit consent (we are independent of Apple, Microsoft, Adobe and other major software manufacturers, as well as the CIA, ASIO and other clandestine organisations). We fully respect your privacy and need to protect your sensitive personal and business information at all times when you use this product.

Apple's view on alternative third-party contacts solutions

Apple tries very hard to avoid being anti-competitive in the contacts management market, but sometimes it can't help itself. With the latest iOS and OSX, Apple prefers consumers to use only its own free

Prior to this, SUNRISE Contacts caused some concerns for Apple by providing an independent contacts organizer for consumers (rather than strictly for business or in-house or personal use). Being the product that Apple, Inc. (the makers of FileMaker Pro from which SUNRISE Contacts was developed) did not want you to have, considerable effort was made by Apple to keep consumers away from third-party Filemaker-based contacts solutions. Methods employed to achieve this can be seen here. And it is all because of the fact that Apple wants users to use its own free, simple and non-encrypted contacts tool on iOS and OS X systems.

Why the effort from Apple? It has to do with the way Apple can now gather and push your personal information through Apple's own servers as automatically and quietly as possible, allowing the company to learn a considerable amount about who you are, what you do, and anything else it likes. Of course, the perception we are presented with by Apple is that it upholds your privacy and the servers are only there to help sync your personal data with Apple portable iOS devices. In reality, this information can also help the company and other third-party software manufacturers in ways you probably least expect or have no control over. Apart from registration and licensing requirements of Apple to know who is using its software and the usual marketing purposes, what about, for instance, allowing your business confidential data containing your intellectual property and ideas that you don't want other people to know about straightaway to be viewed quietly behind-the-scenes by a third-party (e.g., Apple, Inc.)?

Here lies the dilemma. What control do consumers have in the "push" technology? Apparently none. What can any consumer do to protect their privacy? Very little. Is there a way to balance this situation? Yes you can. SUNRISE Contacts is an effective tool to handle Apple and other people who are keen to look at everything you do in the digital world.

Can I access the data in SUNRISE Contacts on a secure web page of my choosing?

Yes, you can. Once you have established a secure web server (using https), you have to use Apple's own high-priced FileMaker Server 14 or higher to access SUNRISE Contacts. At more than $1,000 plus a monthly subscription and on a per user basis, this is not exactly the most cost-effective solution for the average consumer.

NOTE: In the standard FileMaker Pro and Advanced package version 11 or earlier, users were able to "publish" their database layouts and data to a web page and interact with the database thanks to the free built-in server (the standard FileMaker Pro app costs less than $300). Although limited to 5 users (was originally 9 users in earlier FileMaker Pro versions), this was enough for individuals to create a secure connection to their personal data online and access this on any portable device or laptop. Great, until Apple came along, bought the product from Claris Corporation, and then removed this useful feature from FileMaker Pro 13 and higher versions. Now you must pay far more to run FileMaker Server 13 or higher just for the privilege of accessing your own data on the web in a secure manner. This option is now considered more suitable for big businesses with money to burn.

Apple quickly introduces the cheaper option: Use your iOS device!

With the advent of FileMaker Pro 14, Apple has permitted users to access their data in SUNRISE Contacts and other FileMaker solutions on virtually any number of iOS and Android devices (just as we can do on any number of computers for the Runtime option, which is what SUNRISE Contacts is) for free. Of course, this no doubt means that any data you wish to transfer will be noticed by the Apple servers. So it isn't a perfect and most secure solution. It is a compromise. Your only option here is to encrypt your data.

NOTE 1: SUNRISE Contacts will encrypt (and decrypt) your data (in the notes section), making it much harder for Apple and other third-party users to read your encrypted data.

NOTE 2: There should be automatic Wi-Fi connection to devices nearby to help with automatic transfer of data between FileMaker solutions. This is a more security approach. The reality is, Apple does not want to see this happen. And, heaven forbid, if you try to create your own solution to handle this aspect and make it available to others. Apple will get terribly upset and find ways to stop it. If you would like to learn more about some of Apple's anti-competitive practices to prevent SUNRISE Contacts (and other similar solutions) from competing with Apple's own solutions, click here.

Help files

For the latest information on available features and how to use the software, click the following PDF help files:


  1. Getting Started
  2. Labels
  3. Mail Merge
  4. Emails
  5. Testing
  6. Import and Export


  1. WebDirect - How to Web Publish
  2. Security - How to Secure Your Database Data

We have also included these files with the software. Download the above files only if you need the latest updates, and drag-and-drop them into the Help folder inside the SUNRISE Contacts folder.

The standard "core" and additional lookup databases

Would you like to ignore Apple's offerings and try an independent solution with greater security and privacy? SUNRISE Contacts is a great way to go. Furthermore, it offers a range of additional lookup databases to enhance the power and flexibility of your contacts solution. Click here to see what's on offer. Alternatively, do you have a desire to see a specific lookup database get created for your unique or special situation? Let us know.

Still want more? Give us ideas and watch us improve this product beyond your wildest dreams (well, all within the capabilities of FileMaker Pro and your computer — for example, things like getting SUNRISE Contacts to serve you drinks might be pushing it a bit for us, but most other things should be fine).

Okay, you can stop drooling now! Just enjoy your software.

SUNRISE Contacts and Cloud services

SUNRISE Contacts and the Cloud (i.e., a place to host your databases on online servers) are a match made in heaven. So, if you need information about how this service works, or require a recommendation of a good Cloud service that will offer the fastest and most reliable hosting of SUNRISE Contacts at a much better price than Apple is asking (if you want to go the web publishing way without the heavy ongoing expense of establishing and enjoying this service on your own), don't hesitate to give us a buzz.

NOTE: Hosting SUNRISE Contacts on someone else' Cloud service is not secure. The only way it can be made most secure is to host the software yourself on your own secure web site.

Can I use this product on a tablet?

Yes you can, and generally this is a reasonably secure approach. However, beware that if you are on the internet with your device for any length of time, Apple can still quietly push information on your mobile devices through its own servers.

At any rate, if you choose this option, we recommend running SUNRISE Contacts straight out-of-the-box on an Intel-based PC tablet (such as Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro or other similar laptop/tablet combo machines) running Windows 7 or higher. Apple's decision to stop Web Publishing in a free manner and with a different processor for its iOS devices (which will naturally disable our plug-ins as well) means you must use our PC version to get the full power you deserve (see download link below).

Download 2017 edition

Macintosh (227.33 MB compressed as dmg file).

Windows (196.33 MB compressed as zip file).

Also available to download from the following web sites:

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