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SUNRISE Contacts 2019

Version 2.3.9

About this software

What is it?

A powerful contacts relationship management (CRM) and general information organizer built and designed on FileMaker Pro 16/17/18 platform for business and personal use.

Why use it?

Through a combination of good and efficient design, providing a self-contained solution (i.e., you don't have to purchase FileMaker Pro or extra plug-ins to get the features you want), and leveraging the power of FileMaker Pro, you get a powerful multi-platform friendly (works with PC and Mac) and powerhouse solution with the added benefit of being spyware-free and privacy-protected.

An added benefit of our solution is the way it has been designed to work even in the event that your access to online services might suddenly go down. Not like other CRMs that assumes 100 per cent reliability of your internet services where you may need to perform REST APIs or the plug-n-play REST API alternative called Claris Connect to create all your whizz-bang fancy graphs, invoices, access to online calendars, grab data such as currency rates and so on), we do not think "crossing your fingers in the hope that those web services will remain available" is the way to go. It is far better to have a self-contained product that starts from the premise that you might be required to be on your own should external online services fall apart. The only issue you will have to worry about with SUNRISE Contacts is whether you have a reliable source of electricity to run it.

More importantly, the solution is designed to grab data online and store it in the databases, the way databases should be used. It saves money on subscriptions and all the rest.

Of course, if you do get online, you database will quietly introduce additional features, such as Google Maps / OpenStreetMap, Google Translate, PayPal/QuickBooks invoice creation, and Amazon OCR and voice-to-text recognition services (as well as access to Amazon's s3 file servers to store files and create links for people to download) to name a few.

For something with reduced long-term costs for the essential features, at least you have a choice with SUNRISE Contacts!

What can I do with it?

Since SUNRISE Contacts was built for you in mind, we offer one of the most flexible and feature-rich business solutions on the market. Certainly you will be able to achieve the following with this product with ease:

  1. Store all your contacts (names, addresses, pictures, URLs and the works).
    Special feature: Apart from helping you to organise contacts by category in an alphabetical order, you have an unusual yet natural feature of entering the names straight out as a single-line affair within a single field. This means the software will break it down and store the various components of a person's name in the right fields for you.

  2. Create documents.
    Special feature: Select from a wide range of ready-made letter templates to help you get started, or create your own and store them for future use.

  3. Store documents
    Special features: Any kind of electronic document can be kept within the database or externally via a path reference. Whether it be audio files, Word documents, spreadsheets, graphic images, videos and whatever, the database will hold them all. For more fussy organisers, keep bibliographic reference details (Volume, Issue Number, year etc.) for researchers and students, or for those in the publishing and printing industry, a means of recording how to print certain documents for Print Shops etc. Documents are organised by contact names and categories, followed by alphabetical ordering of document titles (clearly grouped under letters for you to quickly find a document).

  4. Process documents
    Special features: Use Amazon's OCR (we also have included an alternative free limited OnlineOCR service for up to 14 image documents processing per hour) and transcription services to convert audio files and image documents into editable text. The Amazon services option is available if you have a license key (required to encrypt your access keys).

  5. Powerful calendar system to organise your to do list, memos or other time-based notes.
    Features: Easy to turn into a project management's tool, together with total hours and costs shown by contacts name or other subject matter, as well as by categories (or see subject matter and/or categories as project/sub-project names). Go into List view and find all records related to the project to get a full picture. Prioritise the items and show them in the calendar. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly charts to see what's on and avoid conflicts in your time for various calendar items. Turn on the clock display in the Preferences page to start notifying you of upcoming events (and send you email messages).

  6. Create labels.
    Features: Labels organised by size (e.g., medium-sized labels contain various mailing address labels). Just choose your Avery number. Create the labels design with background images and with text (stylised and positioned as you require it). Retain the label designs as templates for future use. Quickly select your preferred ready-made labels and print them in the right numbers based on number of contacts in a given category and subject (should the labels require this information, such as when you need to add contact names and addresses to labels based on a specific category and subject).

  7. Simplified notes-taking
    Features: If storing notes and ideas in the documents composer is too much, there is a simpler notes system with categories to group notes under a general subject theme. Notes sorted by date for diary-entry use. Add a picture, video or document to each note, or just focus on the notes only (choice of notes layouts to help you focus on how you want to use notes). Print them easily with the picture (if required) and give to your friends, or export content and let your friends import and enjoy whatever you have written and kept. Or turn it into a powerful lecture notes organiser. You choose! If you record audio from a lecture and store it in the pictures holder, you have quick access to Amazon's transcription service to create an editable text of the lecture audio file and later keep it in the notes for future reference.

  8. Email sending and receiving
    Features: With CNS PopIt Pro plug-in (a separate purchase, but we are working on a free alternative), you can complete the free email sending capabilities of SUNRISE Contacts with a power email message organiser (i.e., you will be able to receive emails). Spam filters built-in with unlimited additions you can make and will ensure you never have to see another unwanted email again. Fully explained account setup process takes the headache out of establishing any number of different email accounts you may have, including those free public email accounts (e.g., Yahoo, Google etc.). Indeed, many of the settings will be entered automatically for you once you type your email address, thereby saving you time. Of course, you can modify the settings later as you require.

  9. Store any number of images for your contacts
    Features: One picture of your contact may be enough, but we are not here to restrict your freedom. For those specialised in areas such as modelling or just want to keep lots of photos of each family member, use the Personal section. Can be expanded for use in school environments, medical practices, or a general reminder of important dates, such as birthdays.

  10. Create invoices for printing on paper or send to PayPal or QuickBooks Online
    Features: Create unlimited number of products and enter their relevant details, such as pricing, currency etc. Entering currency symbols layout will automatically update currency rates in readiness for creating invoices for the day. Prepare invoices by selecting products to sell to contacts in your database and entering basic invoice information, such as invoice number and buyer's name. Create any number of different and specially-designed invoice documents in text form and insert the special tags shown in the pop-up for where all the invoice details should appear. See a snapshot of how the invoice will appear when you print. Save the composed invoice document as a template and re-use later. Print the document on your own pre-printed business paper (these can come with pre-printed backgrounds). Or if you are strictly an online person wanting to do all your business on the internet, send the details straight to PayPal or QuickBooks Online and let it create the invoice and send to your customers. A handy summary of invoices organised by categories and sorted by overdue invoices at the top and contacts names makes it easy to find the right invoice. We keep the traditional approach to invoice preparation and printing in case you do not have access to the internet, or for more secure business operations.

  11. Built-in web viewer
    Features: Never type the same web address twice. Enter it once and it will be kept (forever if you want, so long as the web site remains online). Use any number of records to store any number of URLs. Categorise the URLs to help you bring out the group of URLs you need to visit simply by finding the category and navigating the records. Let the web viewer automatically type the URL and load the web pages for you.

  12. The power of lookup databases
    Features: Hidden, but ready to unleash their own individual power (when you are in the mood to expand your software's capabilities) is a number of lookup databases to help turn your chameleon-like contacts organizer into a powerful multi-informational organizer. Need something to organise your transactions, create a summary across all bank accounts, separate business and personal transactions and prepare Business Activity Statements quickly and easily with the figures calculated in front of you? Use finance.fmp12. Need an alternative to iTunes with a simpler music archive and playback system (and where you can easily add album artwork and lyrics)? Try music.fmp12. Want a quick and easy language translator that links to Google Translate, and to keep the results in the records, together with the already multi-thousands of ready-made translations stored in the multiple language dictionaries (we have all the languages from Google on the one database)? Try languages.fmp12. Want to create an HTML web page template and just focus on page title, body text, and perhaps even a footer for the information you want published online, and to have them all brought together into the template and uploaded directly to your web site hosting server, and to see the updated web page in the database's web viewer at the right position to see the changes? Try webpage.fmp12. Are you a great cook and need to keep pictures, videos and text of all your favourite recipes in one place? Or you just need to store vast amounts of pictures, videos and text about your hobby or area of business? Just use infobase.fmp12. Or are you an avid photographer and need a place to store all your great pictures? Use our photolog.fmp12. Indeed, there are numerous lookups available right now and ready to use, and we can even build databases to suit your specific needs. What you can do with SUNRISE Contacts is only limited by your imagination.

Can I try it out?

You certainly can. Go to the bottom of the page for the download links.Then run the Contacts component (i.e., contacts.fmp12) or the app (i.e., SUNRISE Contacts 2019.app or SUNRISE Contacts 2019.exe).

If you like what you see and want to activate more features and access a variety of lookup databases designed to expand the capabilities of your CRM, we recommend that you purchase a license key right now by clicking the Buy Now button below and within 24 hours you will receive your key.



Tell me more about its security

Security is an important aspect of any database. You are storing information, of which some of it will be confidential and personal. With this in mind, we are independent of the major software manufacturers (Apple, Microsoft etc.), governments (and that includes China and the United States), and the military and intelligence organisations. We do this to ensure you get the security and privacy you deserve, not what others think you should have (and bypass it with a special "backdoor" access). We make no apologies for this, as we think you should have high-level encryption capabilities for passwords, notes and any other sensitive text you feel is needed to be protected, whenever you need it. Password protection of the databases themselves is standard, as well as careful programming to ensure no information can seep out without your consent. Our uncompromising desire to give you the best is what you get from us.

Just to give as an example, in a recent report released by the ANU on 2 October 2019, a highly sophisticated cyber attack took place on ANU servers on 8 November 2018 with further attempts to repeat the attack by the hackers until April 2019. ANU's information technology staff waited and watched for several weeks but noticed how sophisticated the hackers were in hiding digital evidence. It became evident the hackers were well-resourced and had support from a state or government actor hiding in some part of the world. A public announcement was made in June 2019 and new servers and firewalls were installed.

The attack began with an email sent to a staff member. The email exploited a weakness in Microsoft's flagship email app with its preview window in which the username and password could be accessed from a known location and viewed by the hackers. Using this information, the hackers successfully gained access to the human resources, financial management and student administration database. No attachments were opened, and it was not necessary for the message itself to be fully opened—just a preview.

The aim of the attack appears to involve an effort by some unknown and sophisticated third-party hacker(s) to identify specific individuals who are or were connected to the university in some way (i.e., approximately 700MB of personal data was taken from students and staff, including research fellows), either because they are involved in some kind of sensitive research that is affecting a certain government body, or the government involved wants information to use against certain individuals should those individuals visit a foreign country. Someone wanted to grab sensitive personal information from the contacts (e.g., residential addresses and phone numbers), as well as tax file numbers, bank account numbers, and anything else that could help the hackers identify and locate certain individuals in Australia, and needed this information going back as far as possible (the ANU administrators made the unfortunate decision to keep electronically on its network the personal details of everyone who had or was still working at the ANU for the last 19 years, or since 2000).

Of course, the Australian government would like to implicate China in the attack (as is usually the case nowadays, but it has not revealed evidence to support this claim). ANU officials were not informed and have been honest by saying it came from a "sophisticated actor" and a "state-sponsored entity". In other words, the ANU does not know exactly who was responsible.

However, most security experts know the Chinese government is more interested in stealing current intellectual property and identifying specific current Chinese nationals working at the ANU. Never historical contact information going back so far on everyone who has worked or still working at the ANU and to learn where they live. As Financial Review political correspondent Andrew Tillet said:

"The hackers also ignored intellectual property and research data despite seeing it on the system, with investigators concluding they were just focused on the [contacts] database."

This latest cyber attack with a strong focus on historical personal information would almost certainly have been done by the U.S. government. And for good reason to given our research work and links to the ANU.

To deal with this type of cyber attack, SUNRISE Contacts has been designed to only show you a text-based version of the email message for both plain text and HTML messages. In the event that you decide to view a "preview" of the HTML message, our independently designed software will prevent your username and password from being secretly stolen. It is not stored in a separate file outside the database in a common location that hackers can figure out and grab whenever they like.

Help files

For the latest information on available features and how to use the software, click the following PDF help files:


  1. Getting Started
  2. Labels
  3. Mail Merge
  4. Emails
  5. Testing
  6. Import and Export


  1. How to Web Publish Your Databases
  2. How to Secure Your Databases and their Data

The above files are already included with the software. Download them here if you need the latest updates, and drag-and-drop them into the Help folder inside the SUNRISE Contacts folder.

Can I expand its capabilities?

You insatiable thing. Nothing like going beyond Apple's basic but free privacy-invasive iOS/macOS contacts.app offerings. In case you want more from SUNRISE Contacts, you also have the advantage of lookup databases to enhance the power and flexibility of your contacts solution. Click here to see what's on offer.

Okay, you can stop drooling now! Just enjoy your software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions? Click here to get answers to the most common questions related to this product, including how to make it accessible to users on the Cloud should you want to go this way.

Download now!

Download the very latest (version 2.3.9) from this web site:

For the safest copy of our software, you should only download SUNRISE Contacts from our web site. If you do, the exact file sizes should be:

Mac (sunrisecontacts2019.dmg): 246,718,765 bytes
PC (sunrisecontacts2019.zip): 252,714,214 bytes

Any variation on these figures means you should throw the copy away. Only use our genuine copy from this web site.

How to install for Mac users

Download the file to your FAT32-formatted USB thumb drive (disk format is critical in order to bypass GateKeeper's overly zealous protection mechanisms, so use Disk Utility in the Utilities folder, select the USB drive, and erase using "ExFAT"), remove the USB drive and re-insert it. Now you can open the file without GateKeeper hassling you. This method also solves the problem of having the link between SUNRISE Contacts 2019.app and the primary database file (i.e., contacts.fmp12) lost because GateKeeper wants to quarantine the app in another location.

As for our plug-ins that provide additional features to SUNRISE Contacts, click the "Always load the plug-ins" if you intend to run the databases on FileMaker Pro 18.

Tested with a clean bill of health

Our product has been fully tested for malware using VirusTotal.com and Kaspersky Anti-Virus and has a clean bill of health. If you should find any viruses or other malware in our product with your anti-virus software and we can reproduce the results, you will receive a free license key (and a cleaned up version of our software).

Alternative download locations

Also available to download is from the following trusted web site (just make sure it is the latest version, or else download from this page):

Softpedia 5-Star Award for SUNRISE Contacts