SUNRISE Contacts 2021

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About this software

A powerful contacts relationship management (CRM) and general information organizer built and designed on the award-winning FileMaker Pro 16 to 19 platform. The free CRM component can be used for business or personal use without any time or record restrictions. You are free to use it as you like forever. However, if you wantadditional features and access to lookups/add-ons, feel free to grab a license key.

CRM Features

  1. Unlimited storage of contacts and other types of information.
  2. One line entry of names (let the database do the work of organising first name, last name etc.).
  3. Store important documents and compose new ones.
  4. Store a common set of document templates for re-use later.
  5. Alphabetical ordering of documents on-the-fly.
  6. Quick and handy category system for organising and finding events, projects, contacts etc.
  7. Calendar system for organising to do lists, memos, messages or any other kind of information.
  8. Project management tools, including Gantt Charts and timelines.
  9. Print common labels.
  10. Flexible notes design for diary, general note taking or other application.
  11. Email sending (free), and receiving (using POP3it Pro plug-in).
  12. Create invoices to print on paper, send by email, or send to PayPal or QuickBooks Online.
  13. Type once and forget web address viewer/browser. Enjoy the freedom of navigating records and watch web pages load automatically.
  14. Lookup databases available to expand the capabilities of SUNRISE Contacts.
  15. Why wait to get what you want? Use this tool right now.

Add-on Features

  1. Focus on more specialised information provided by dedicated lookup databases.
  2. Expand the power and flexibility of your core CRM.
  3. Amazing range of "Swiss Army knife" features and functions, such as generating barcodes, HTML editor, photo editor, ISBN converters, JS/HTML music player and audio visualizers, to name a few.
  4. Regularly updated.
  5. Request changes and we will update the lookups to suit your line-of-work.
  6. Use File-->Import-->Previous Version to quickly transfer your data to the latest lookup version.
  7. Create your own database solutions in FileMaker Pro and add them to this product for a seamless and integrated solution.
Grab the App

Visit the home page, select SOFTWARE (SUNRISE CONTACTS), and choose a download link. Also includes exact file size in bytes*.

Updates Version 2.1.5
  1. Completed all requested improvements to elearn.fmp12, resulting in a very easy to use and reliable online and desktop teaching/presentation tool.

System Requirements

OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher (including macOS 10.15 Catalina).


Windows 7 or higher (including Windows 10).

Disk space

Minimum 580MB disk space, recommended 1GB or higher depending on number of videos, audio, large digital eBooks, and high-resolution pictures stored in the software.


The CRM component (contacts.fmp12) is free to use with no time or record restrictions. To access additional features and open up lookup databases, we recommend you purchase a license key.

Further Information

You can learn more by clicking on the links below:

  1. How to install on a Mac
  2. How to install on a PC
  3. Security
  4. FAQ on FileMaker Server
  5. FAQ on FileMaker Pro
  6. FAQ on FileMaker Go
  7. FAQ on SUNRISE Contacts
  8. FAQ on Database-Related Issues
* Instead of code-signed apps, you only need to check the download file size is equal to the number of bytes shown (see the home page). As a further security measure, only download the software from the SUNRISE home page.