General questions about UFOs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do people believe in UFOs?


In science, it is not a question of believing, but rather what the research can uncover is the truth to something being observed when the work is done to find the evidence through consistent and reproducible patterns and to understand why these patterns exist.

What makes UFOs a notoriously difficult subject to study for the scientists is the way these objects appear only fleetingly and often moving at high speeds, making it hard to detect directly with the eyes and/or scientific instruments. Yet despite this, all good scientists know that it isn't good science to simply ignore what we cannot directly observe with our eyes or instruments. Not everything in the universe can be expected to be observed directly. Just like we cannot directly observe black holes in space, or even an exoplanet around another star. Instead, scientists look for indirect effects on matter moving nearby. Well, the same sort of thing can be applied with UFOs as well. Except this time, we have to listen to the witnesses. They are the eyes and ears for the scientists when observing a new phenomenon.

The thing about UFOs is that you cannot expect to directly touch one, mainly because you are dealing with potentially someone who does not want to have direct contact with us, and prefer to runaway or keep to a distance and stay around only for a fleeting moment. As scientists astonished and curious by such strange objects, we have to be like the astronomer who cannot visit a planet around another star, or a black hole in the middle of our Milky Way. We have to look for indirect evidence of extra-solar planets orbiting other Suns through tiny wobbles in the motion of the parent star. With black holes, it is the accretion disc surrounding a black hole that gives us indirect evidence for the objects' existence. In the case of UFOs, it is the common electromagnetic side-effects that keep getting mentioned by the witnesses. Once we have this indirect and common observations at hand, we can apply scientific knowledge to find explanations and ultimately deduce the reality of alien planets, black holes in space, and even potentially genuine UFOs.

In the case of UFOs, one can find plenty of genuine reports and observations from people who have nothing to gain from the experience other than a bewilderment or shock of what they saw. Furthermore, we have witnesses who are not only ordinary folks on the street. Scientists and military pilots have seen genuine UFOs. Even the case of Lonnie Zamora in observing a UFO in the desert shows a highly rational police officer who was more scared by his experience and obviously saw something and had left marks on the ground to indicate that something did happen (and even Project Blue Book had to admit that this is one of the few cases that it had to mark as unidentified and a genuine UFO case). To this day, the police officer has never denied his claim of what he saw right to his deathbed.

So why should a scientist ignore such cases? Sure, there are plenty of mistaken identifications of natural and man-made objects. And yes, there are people who do hoax UFO sightings. But as any good scientist should know, you cannot assume every single UFO sighting fits into these natural or man-made categories. That is not good science. A scientist has to be prepared to be astonished and be eager to find out when he/she sees UFO cases on the record from people who are genuine about what they saw, and have seen things in remarkable detail that clearly isn't the run-of-the-mill observations of something familiar. Undoubtedly, symmetrical flying objects with portholes and doors and the appearance of unusual-looking humanoid UFO occupants are not common observations in our modern society. You don't see these things at an airport. It is different. A good scientist would recognise this fact and decide it is worth a closer look.

Then there are other witnesses who have died or suffered radiation poisoning in the presence of UFOs at close range. The effects on the environment and people is clear. Even a NASA engineer had to concede that at least one of these UFO cases revealing radiation-induced symptoms on multiple witnesses in Texas observed in December 1980 showed very strong evidence for the physical existence of UFOs, and genuine ones at that (you can learn more from the Cash-Landrum UFO case).

Therefore, it seems perfectly natural for some scientists to choose, quietly on the most part given the negative stigma associated with it, to study UFOs just to be sure. You may never know what you might uncover when you do the work properly and with impartiality.

Well, once you do the work properly, you will discover something quite astonishing. So much so that you start to wonder, "Why hasn't anyone else seen this before?" and "What were we doing when all this was happening?" Well, let's face it. Anyone who makes the effort will discover clear and reproduce patterns from the observations. And no, not all witnesses could have known or be copying from one another. They really have observed something real, and we need to acknowledge and respect what was seen. Among those patterns is the realisation that UFOs are electromagnetic flying objects with their very common and consistent electromagnetic side-effects. The glowing effects reminiscent of an electric light bulb with its glowing metal surface is another extremely common feature. And the size of the glows and their position is not revealing a searchlight or headlights like a car. It plays a pivotal role in how UFOs move.

Then you will find other oddities in the way some UFOs like to demonstrate some aspect of its capabilities or technology to us, and even mimic the behaviour of an electron in a magnetic field, through spiraling motions and drifting side-to-side and moving away. It is almost as if someone or something in the UFOs is trying to give us a puzzle to work out for ourselves, but it thinks the technology is not that hard to understand. It is meant to be simple. We are not meant to be so dumb as not to figure this one out. Then again, given how many people claim the objects are nonsense, we are doing a perfectly fine job of acting like the dumbest species on this planet.

Again, we can only reiterate what we said before: Why hasn't anyone notice this before? Is it really that hard to understand or see these patterns?

When one realises these patterns do exist and are available to us to analyse, the next stage is to re-evaluate all the knowledge we have acquired about the laws of electromagnetism. It is clearly electromagnetic, so it is time to look at electromagnetism to see if there is something we have overlooked. And, lo and behold, there is something to be discovered. It is here, in one obscure and poorly understood area of electromagnetism, where the answer emerges and helps to link together all the genuine observations perfectly. Now we have an explanation for all the most common observations of genuine UFOs, right down to why they glow and the importance of their position. Even the position of external fuselages attached to the central symmetrical body can now be explained.

Again we must ask, "Why haven't other people noticed this before?"

Indeed, what were we doing over the past 70 years while UFOs continued to be reported and with astonishingly interesting details and insights, especially among the genuine witnesses? In fact, the mystery of the UFO and its unexpected but previously well-concealed EM technology could have been solved as early as 1905 when the electromagnetic concept behind the technology was first published in an advanced textbook on electromagnetism. The guy who first noticed the solution came from Max Abraham. Further contributions from Hendrik Lorentz only cemented the concept and kept it alive, but left in the too hard basket because no one knew how to interpret the solution and whether such a solution can occur in reality. The only reason why scientists haven't gone all the way to complete the work to its ultimate conclusion is because too many of them could not believe what they were seeing from the mathematics. So they have tried to ignore or repress the mathematical solution. Yet no one had the bright idea of testing the concept in a real-life experiment. Find out what actually happens when a charged object emits radiation in one direction. That was all we had to do.

Even if we could not do it then, we have those in the know after the late 1940s, and indeed by 1959 when the USAF learned about the electromagnetic concept. Unfortunately, with the evidence that the military has acquired to show the reality of the UFO situation, they preferred to keep people away from the concept and the UFO subject in general. We can only imagine why the USAF have done this. IS the U.S. military really that concerned about UFOs? Do they not understand UFOs are not a threat to humanity? Or are there some individuals in the USAF who are having some benefits in an economic sense by selling parts of what they have learned from the evidence they have secretly acquired without anyone knowing the true origins of those patented ideas and technologies?

Yet despite all this effort from the military, there are scientists in the world who already know the answer. Obviously they have to protect themselves from reprisals and sudden loss in funding in certain areas they might be working in. The U.S. government and military can have enormous sway on the outcomes and livelihood of others who know the truth.

Unfortunately for the U.S. military and government, all that remains now is a little funding and open-mindedness from the rest of the community to set up the experiment and test the concept, and free from control of those who may not want the answer to emerge to the public. In fact, there may well be a patented invention already available to support the concept, but the inventor has never realised it or explained how it works. And the conditions to he set up are already there ready to expose the reality of the electromagnetic technology.

Once one gets to this point, it is very easy to believe. Certainly, each person must decide to do the work to find out before they can ask if they are likely to believe in genuine UFOs. But, of course, sometimes it is better to be conservative and just wait until the experiment is performed. Then we will have the answer. And there would be nothing the U.S. government and military can do to stop the natural technological and scientific advancement to come from the study of UFOs. Nor can skeptics pretend the technology does not exist when they see the evidence. That will be the moment when people will have to believe. Until then, we must do the experiment to find out and finish off the research work.

And that is how the work should have been done.


2. Do UFOs exist?


Scientifically speaking, yes they do. It would be unwise, and certainly unscientific, to claim no UFOs exist. There have to be flying objects in the sky that are not immediately and readily identifiable as natural or man-made objects. Of course, this does not mean that every UFO people find in the sky represents an alien spacecraft. What it does mean is that a small percentage of the UFOs has the potential to represent something new to science. And if that is the case, it is in the interest of the scientific community to find out what it is.

Fortunately that work has been done. It has been a long time coming, but finally we are here. According to witnesses of genuine UFO cases, research has identified a new electromagnetic technology based on the Abraham-Lorentz formula of classical electromagnetism. It means we can now explain those interesting electromagnetic side-effects associated with a number of these flying objects. This is particularly true for those cases where a distinctive symmetrical shape for the flying object together with interesting and unmistakable "artificial" features, such as doors, portholes, fuselages, antennas and so on, have been observed.

There are UFOs worthy of scientific investigation and research.

At last, the book, Can UFOs Advance Science?, can prove the worth of those genuine and detailed UFO reports to science in terms of advancing scientific knowledge and presenting a new EM technology.

Based on your research, can you safely say that we are being visited by aliens?



It is reasonable to say at this point that after carrying out this research, the prospects of finding alien life are now extremely good. If we were to give a number between 0 (impossible) to 100 (certainty), we are about 95 per cent certain we are dealing with an alien presence in the UFOs mainly because we have identified the electromagnetic concept and technology and know how it is possible for UFO occupants to reach our planet. Of course, to give absolute certainty in this matter, it is always best to be conservative and say that once we build the electromagnetic flying object lying at the heart of genuine UFO reports, we will know the answer beyond a shadow of a doubt.


4. Could UFOs be a secret military experiment?


No doubt a personal favourite among the skeptics when explaining UFOs. Actually, the CIA has taken a particularly strong liking to this explanation in a recent effort by the organisation to convince people that this must be true and the only answer to this controversial subject. There are good reasons why the CIA must take on this view as we have noticed following a close look at the history of UFOs. But for general skeptics in the community who are not sure what to make of those unusual symmetrical flying UFOs with strange looking occupants, it is natural for them to deny even the slightest possibility of something alien, as well as choose to see anything artificial that looks different as likely to be in the realms of a new man-made experimental aircraft (if it isn't a hallucination), if only we knew who was responsible for making it. Taking on this man-made view through a secret military experiment is perfectly fine if it fits the observations and there is clear evidence of military involvement. But can we use the military as an excuse for all UFOs reported by genuine witnesses?

In terms of which organisation on earth could be responsible, it would have to be the USAF. No one else would come close. From history we see the USAF has been interested in the radiation reaction force between 1959 and 1960, is aware of the electromagnetic effects of UFOs since 1947 and has been asking questions in electromagnetic theory to help understand some kind of object they have discovered in secret since the latest 1940s as well as the nature of gravity and universal gravitation, and Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory. All this work has culminated in in the development and testing of an electromagnetic vehicle with all the characteristics of a typical glowing UFO in a symmetrical design in Texas in late December 1980 (see the Cash-Landrum UFO case), even if the USAF prefers to deny its involvement.

But is the USAF willing to admit they are responsible for any of the EM-based UFOs being observed around the world?

Looking at the Cash-Landrum UFO case in which a military test of a UFO-like flying object in the state of Texas apparently took place (before the work was moved to Area 51) leaving behind important radiation effects on three witnesses (caused by their vehicle emitting ionizing x-rays because of the collisions of high-speed electrons streaming from the glowing diamond-shaped UFO at close range). Following this important case, a NASA engineer concluded that UFOs had to be some form of a solid and real flying object for the radiation to have been received in the quantities revealed by the witnesses. Apart from identifying the single rotary variety of black helicopters — the other being a double-rotor variety yet to be identified — as coming from the US military, we see the USAF is careful to cover its "ass", so to speak, by claiming it is not responsible for building or following the object, and hence it was not testing it or aware of its presence in that part of the United States. In fact, the USAF is willing to go as far as to state that no UFOs reported by witnesses came from the military. Not even the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy have come forth to claim responsibility for the UFOs to this day. Interesting.

If this is true, genuine UFOs reported by witnesses, including those seen at close range, are not supporting a secret military aircraft from any nation on Earth. If the U.S. military is willing to deny its involvement in the UFO matter irrespective of observations of military helicopters following a glowing UFO, it doesn't leave a lot of other explanations. If it isn't natural or man-made, we are pretty much left with the only remaining and most disturbing answer.

But if the USAF suddenly wants to claim responsibility today and assume all electromagnetic and symmetrical UFOs are man-made, it will not work either. The appearance of symmetrical flying objects have been observed well before this testing had occurred, and even prior to the USAF coming into existence. As further support for this view, we see that the USAF pilots do not appear as unusually thin and mostly short individuals with large heads and eyes. A rather common observation at close range to a number of UFOs that have landed on the ground and revealed one or more of their occupants. Or are we to infer from this observation that we do have USAF pilots wearing motorcycle helmets and a fancy-looking alien costume to fool practically everyone. An odd decision, and something we have continually been fooled for so long. And for what purpose? A practical joke? It is a long-running practical joke that the USAF hasn't been able to get over itself. Otherwise, if the USAF are working on such a technology and wants to keep it secret, it consistently fails to keep it to itself with each important and genuine UFO case that gets reported. You would think by now that the USAF would have conceded and decided to be honest with the public and just say this is the new technology it has been working on for some time, and start displaying it openly as with any other formerly secret aircraft ever made by this military organisation. The fact that the military does not want to do this means we are dealing with another entity. It cannot be military. Someone else is responsible for the UFOs. It is time humanity prepares itself for this revelation.


5. Have one of these electromagnetic objects visited us in Biblical times?


There are interesting stories in the Bible of a mysterious entity called God coming down from the skies, principally in a large cloud (sometimes glowing at night), to influence people on the ground.

Slightly more details of the large flying object get revealed in the story of Moses where a glowing cloud was seen moving in the sky and helping Moses and his people to leave Egypt and to stop the Egyptian soldiers from intercepting the group (see Evolution of Life section under the Recent period link for more details). In other stories, certain wise old men seem to have given more details about what is hidden once the cloud disperses to reveal the flying object.

In modern UFO cases, we know some UFOs can come masquerading as a cloud and suddenly make themselves known to the witnesses (take, for instance, the famous UFO case in Finland involving two skiers near the town of Imjarvi on 7 January 1970). Together with their glowing metal surfaces looking like a giant electric light bulb, it is reasonable to imagine these objects as being able to make clouds surrounding the objects look like they are glowing. The principle of making clouds is not difficult. All it requires is the emission of energy from the surface of the object to push away the air and cause a reduction in air pressure. Add humidity to the mix and it is not magical to create clouds and make it surround the object. Well, let us put it this way: it is not an advanced alien thing to make clouds. When it comes to the electromagnetic concept behind UFOs, there is a way to make this work.

Thus, it is perfectly feasible for a glowing cloud in an otherwise clear sky to have been observed by Moses and his people. And if it could move on its own accord by re-tracing its path and come down closer to the ground to keep the Egyptian army at bay, it could well be one of these electromagnetic UFOs in action.

Whilst the Moses story in the Bible and other stories are not quite detailed enough to conclude that we are definitely dealing with an electromagnetic technology, it is worth keeping a note on these sorts of observations.


6. Why haven't these symmetrical UFOs evolved since ancient times to become more advanced to the point of discovering a non-electromagnetic technology that is more powerful and could make "faster than light" journeys as we see in Star Wars?


Good question. You would think that there would be a continuum of advanced alien civilisations coming up with original and different solutions as their knowledge expands. Some of that knowledge could be beyond our understanding and capabilities, not just in the design of the UFOs (why do all the genuine UFOs have symmetrical central bodies?), but also right down to the type of propulsion system used.

Thus, you might consider us at the (really) lower end of the spectrum with our preference for fossil fuel based flying technology with wings to move through the air and provide lift, and rockets/jet engines to provide some speed. When we look at the UFO reports of genuine and detailed cases of symmetrical flying objects, we see observations of electromagnetic side effects and glowing regions where radiation is likely to be emitted for propulsion. Well, this must represent another higher level of understanding of how to fly. Fortunately, the concept behind this technology has now been worked out. We know it is based on the Abraham-Lorentz formula and we are the slow ones not to know it for such a long time. Until we do the experiment, our species will remain a fairly dumb one compared to other intelligent species in the Universe, even with the subtle help we are getting from some UFOs trying to show us some aspects of their technology as if we should be able to work it out.

In that case, why not the most advanced alien civilisations discovering something more exotic?

As an example, there is talk by mathematicians of the possibility of wormholes being created in space to allow an advanced alien civilisation to travel anywhere in the Universe. If it could ever exist naturally, a wormhole would be quantum in size and lasts a tiny instant in time. As a quantum object, its possible appearance in nature would occur so randomly for such a fleeting moment that they are totally unreliable to put into practice. Furthermore, it would require an unbelievable amount of energy (probably requiring all of the Universe) to create one because you are effectively trying to pump out all the energy inside a precribed region of space. Remember, a worm hole is a mathematically predicted region of reduced energy density of space according to quantum theory. So reduced is the energy that, in fact, it is zero. Zero in the sense that no quantum fluctuations might exist. But no one can be sure as no one can create a wormhole to analyse its properties to see if it is true. This is as zero as you can ever get. But because the energy we are talking about here is predominantly electromagnetic by way of radiation according to the Unified Field Theory, it is the radiation that must reduce to zero (at the very least). Now within this perfect vacuum region you can theoretically accelerate to any speed you like. For a solitary piece of electromagnetic energy called a photon travelling through a wormhole, it will be infinite speed. Furthermore, acceleration within this hypothetical region of perfect vacuum will not exert inertial forces on the body. This requires radiation and its gravitational field to create these inertial forces. So, theoretically speaking, any reasonable and super advanced technology can easily accelerate a body of mass of any amount, and bring the speed of anything very quickly to a level that would allow occupants to reach any part of the galaxy or entire Universe in a very short time. And that means, the shape and amount of mass are irrelevant when travelling in a wormhole. There is no point in having perfectly symmetrical spacecraft like we see in UFOs.

Yet, for some reason, UFOs are symmetrical in shape (give or take some domes and protrusions added to the central body). The UFO occupants are universally thin and mostly quite short individuals. Not only that, but there have been reports from crashed disc cases (e.g., Roswell) of incredibly lightweight but tough materials used in the construction of one of these UFOs. For example, building a newspaper-thin metallic hull seems to be the aim of the Roswell disc's makers. It does not make sense as to why the UFO occupants must be stingy on the amount of mass, even right down to the weight of the occupants, when in a wormhole. It is unnecessary. Well, not so for the UFOs that have been reported.


The reason must be because the real Universe in which we live does not allow for a perfect zero energy region to exist under any circumstances. Not even the most advanced alien technology can ever create a wormhole. It looking like a perfect vacuum is a scientific myth whose idea has been pushed to imaginative limits in many science fantasy films, such as Star Wars. Creating a perfect mathematical region of zero energy in the real Universe is an impossibility. It doesn't and will never occur.

Remember, it won't matter the shape of spacecraft or the amount of mass it contains when in a wormhole. Any technology to provide tremendous acceleration would allow anyone to travel anywhere within a short journey time, and no one will feel the inertial forces under any circumstances in a perfect sense. But this is not what we are seeing in the UFO reports. Virtually all modern-day and genuine UFOs reported by witnesses are universally symmetrical in shape for at least the main central body. It means that whatever is being emitted on the outside must not penetrate the metal body in order to protect pilots and instruments. And it must reduce the inertial forces on the body as it accelerates. In a wormhole, this is not necessary. So why the need for a symmetrical spacecraft? Any spacecraft design and shape will do.

Sure, there are some superficial differences in the UFOs observed by witnesses. UFOs can come with protrusions around specific positions around the base of the circular object. These may be movable or fixed into position. Other UFOs seem more reliant on specific geometric shapes (e.g., an equilateral triangle) as well as more significant curving metal regions such as domes to provide the necessary asymmetric distribution of the oscillating charges for acceleration or distribute the charge symmetrically when hovering. Yet despite the passage of time and the potential for different groups being responsible for flying these objects to improve on the designs and find alternative new and more advanced technologies and concepts that are potentially not reliant on electromagnetism, it seems the essential concept behind the electromagnetic technology and the natural electromagnetic side-effects this technology creates, such as cloud formation and glowing effects, does not seem to change even after thousands of years. Only the outer appearance of the objects may vary (a little). But if you look more closely, there is a basic geometric and symmetrical design (for the central body) and a familiar electromagnetic concept being applied behind it (if we open our eyes to it). There is something about this electromagnetic concept that is considered the absolute best there is in science for travelling between the stars. It seems this electromagnetic concept has the required phenomenal acceleration needed for interstellar travel and there is nothing better to improve on this no matter how advanced an alien civilisation can get. The only thing a technical civilisation can do is refine the technology to make it move just that fraction of a percent closer to the speed of light. Shed any unnecessary grams of mass could make an enormous difference in getting to a destination at great distances and allow entities to participate in those flights.


7. What do you think will be the most practical design of an alien spaceship?


You have probably seen enough examples in science fiction movies, such as Star Wars and Star Trek, of the way many spacecraft are depicted by Hollywood producers: they are always complicated in their appearance with many sharp edges and lines, are extremely large as if to carry vast amounts of mass, and are extremely varied in shape. If one could possibly rely on these designs as feasible for interstellar travel, then these designs for an alien spacecraft would only work if the mathematics of wormholes in the universe (or regions of true perfect vacuums) can be relied upon and able to exist in reality. In a wormhole, you can accelerate to any speed and you will not feel inertial forces. So, technically speaking, you could build any shape for a spacecraft and can travel to any part of the galaxy (or why not the universe?).

However, when scientists look at genuine UFO reports, we do see this kind of variation in the shapes. Sure, some superficial variations in designs (the occasional movable or fixed fuselages seen attached to the central symmetrical body), but the overall fundamental shape lying at the core of UFOs is universal: the central body is symmetrical in shape. Furthermore, the UFO occupants are invariably thin, and mostly quite small with only a few exceptions to this rule for some of the taller individuals. Never do we see obese individuals flying the UFOs.

How interesting?

Likewise, the choice of instruments carried by the UFO occupants are small and limited in the amount of mass to carry (e.g., pen-like devices designed to immobilise humans on occasions — sounds like a perfect solution to help people protect themselves in the United States), and even the biological samples obtained by UFO occupants from the Earth are restricted in quantities. Often the samples can be held in small vials (often containing blood, sperm etc.). Never do we see UFO occupants take a human being or a multitude of human beings onboard the spacecraft, get transported to another planet for closer study, and then returned to Earth when the occupants are finished.

Also, in crashed disk reports (such as the Roswell UFO case of 1947), materials recovered are described as very thin, tough, and extremely lightweight. Subsequent analysis of the materials by the USAF have revealed in some documents released under FoI as employing unusual techniques during fabrication to achieve extreme lightweight yet maintain high strength and other toughness characteristics.

Why such lightweight materials, right down to the individuals who fly these EM flying machines? A wormhole would not require this level of reduction in the mass.

Well, the only way to explain the UFO reports is to say that there can be no wormholes in the universe. No alien civilisation, no matter how advanced, can ever create a wormhole of any kind.

It seems that the flying objects we see in genuine UFO reports and are able to carry occupants and some instruments onboard seem to only be able to approach the speed of light. But due to increasing mass at extreme speeds and the need to keep journey times short for the occupants in order to survive the journey in what is described as relatively small spacecraft, everything has to be made as lightweight as possible. Even extreme measures in the level of mass reduction are also applied to the UFO occupants themselves where the distances to cover by UFOs are quite significant compared to those occupants that appear to live closer to our Sun.

For example, analysis of dead UFO occupants retrieved from crashed UFOs in the United States give indications of removal of the reproductive organs, presumably because they serve no purpose in long interstellar flights after reproduction is achieved. Also the choice of food and how nutrients are administered and able to enter the aliens' bloodstream suggests that high levels of nutrients are available but little or no fibre exists. In other words, the quantity of food to consume is much less. Indeed, talk of patches being applied to the aliens' skin may be a sufficient way to provide most of the nutrients. Otherwise, there is a certain amount of simplification of the digestive tract resulting in unusually thin bodies, especially around the waist. The only thing a number of aliens are unable to achieve is a reduction in head size. So to compensate, the rest of the body is somehow made as thin as possible and to an extreme level.

Such a technique of minimising mass on the body is not wholly unusual on Earth. Horse jockeys go through a similar restriction in their diets to ensure a lightweight, short and thin body.

Going back to the spacecraft design, the reason for having the central body of the object as symmetrical is because of two things:

If the work on UFOs currently undertaken by some scientists is correct and the method of achieving high acceleration is proven through one simple experiment, the scientific community will have an excellent opportunity to understand the true reality of how interstellar travel is achieved by other civilisations in the Universe.


8. If aliens visit Earth, would Americans call them liberals and soyboys? For an alternative question, as the aliens look quite thin, does this mean they are lacking masculine (or feminine) characteristics? And do aliens have left-wing views?


When understanding the world around us, scientists often look for differences and create certain words to help categorise them (and later understand why those differences exist), not unlike the way you have crudely done through your terms of "soyboy" and "liberal". For example, a bird will have “wings” compared to humans having “arms”. Thus, the scientists will note the differences in each object, study why those differences exist, get an intimate insight into how the objects work, and eventually discover their purposes and the advantages they provide to the species in question. Despite performing this kind of work to break things down, it is never the aim of scientists to find differences that are intended to put down a species, make them feel negative about who they are, lessen their importance, or suggest any kind of inferiority to us or other species. All living things have their place in the universe and each have different forms of intelligence that we must acknowledge and realise the benefits of to the species in question (and potentially to other species too if they want to find a solution to certain problems they may be having). Each living thing will have its own advantages, and what those differences are may be determined by the kind of goals and tasks they need to achieve, as well as the kind of environments they must adapt to.

As an example, if you are a gym junkie with the sole aim of carrying lots of weight for short periods of time, the environment you are in would favour a species of humans with lots of muscle and a heavier and more massive body to help make the task of carrying weights more easily. This is your advantage in that kind of environment. On the other hand, such heavy and excessive muscular characteristics are hopeless when it comes to, say, running great distances. For a long distance runner, being thin with a little muscle tone, and a strong heart complementing a large lung capacity are generally the preferred characteristics.

In the case of aliens travelling to the stars, and depending on how far they must travel, certain physical characteristics tend to be more favourable than others.

For example, to get to a destination quickly, it is important for aliens (and not just the spacecraft) to reduce their mass. Among the simple techniques one can use to reduce mass include going hairless, having one's finger and toe nails trimmed, and to take a laxative prior to travelling to the stars. Another way is to apply a restrictive diet starting at a young age. In this way, a certain level of thinness and short stature in the bodies can be achieved just like the way horse jockeys are able to attain a lightweight characteristic in their bodies as needed to ride a racing horse. Generally, the lower the mass of the body, the less energy the horse needs to expend in order to get up to speed and maintain that speed while carrying the weight of the jockey over a certain distance.

Of course, there are exceptions. We do find examples in the UFO reports of some aliens of relatively tall stature (but always remaining thin). Does this mean the idea of reduced mass when travelling to the stars is a fallacy or has no place in science because of the nature of the alien technology capable of moving enough mass at high speeds? Not necessarily. It may simply be the fact that some aliens may not live that far away and, therefore, may not need to go to extremes in reducing the mass. It is likely the general rule of thumb is, the further aliens have to travel and the closer they reach the limits of their technology to make the journey times quick enough, the more extreme measures they may employ to reduce the mass in order to travel that little bit faster for a great reduction in the travel time. For really extreme measures (and mentioned in crashed disk cases here on Earth), there has been rumours that the digestive tracts appear to be considerably simplified in aliens as if a lot of nutrients can be extracted quickly from a small amount of easily digestible food or have other means of extracting nutrients. In very unusual circumstances, talk of using patches on the skin to deliver nutrients to the body may be aiding in this simplification of the digestive tracts.

Another extreme measure aliens could take to minimise mass is, What happens after aliens have established their own families on their home planets? There is a scientific possibility that some aliens may find very little need to continue carrying the reproductive organs. If one is looking to reduce the mass to achieve a greater distance of travelling in a shorter time frame, removing the reproductive organs could make an enormous difference in reducing the travel time. If this is true, then don’t be surprised if some aliens have no discernible gender. So how does one recognise gender differences with some aliens? One can imagine that on their home planets, these interstellar travellers may wear clothing and perhaps wear a wig to reflect their original gender or how they see themselves in the mind. In that way, people at home can see the more feminine or masculine side of certain individuals who return home. However, when travelling to the stars, males and females may tend to show themselves in the same way with no perceptible gender differences. This might explain why in some crashed disk cases in the US, aliens have been described as not having a specific gender as if no signs of reproductive organs could be seen (and no female breasts). However, if the distances to travel are relatively short, aliens can come with reproductive organs (e.g., the Antonio Villas Boas case).

For example, the classic UFO abduction case of Antonio Villas Boas in Brazil, we learn of several aliens having arrived to study and obtain biological samples from one human. The task of bringing in the human into the UFO was primarily left to the responsibility of several aliens who did have distinctive male characteristics, including having muscles in the chest. At first the witness was touched on his arm by one of the aliens to come follow and enter the craft. Unfortunately, the human was not all that cooperative and scared at the sight of the strange craft,. In fact, he hit out at this alien assailant who was knocked off the alien’s feet and sent to ground. The witness tried to run, with some difficulty on the freshly ploughed field he made with his tractor. Then suddenly a group of aliens grabbed him and lifted him off and started carrying him to the craft.

Also, hidden away in the UFO until the right time came, was at least one female alien. She was of sufficient sexual maturity, as her task was different from the rest of the crew. Her aim was to approach the witness while he was naked. During the time the witness was trapped in a central circular metal room of the UFO, she used the opportunity to partly study human sexual behaviour, as well as obtain the sperms of the human abductee through a direct sexual encounter as well as use a vial to collect some of the sperms immediately after a second sexual act.

On looking at this interesting case and noting the number of extra "male" crew members and the female, it seems the idea of taking on extreme measures in reducing mass by removing reproductive organs and/or reducing the number of crew members were not critical here. Thus it may mean that these individuals probably live close by. And, considering the witness observed the direction in which the UFO took off and headed to the sky after the encounter, it wouldn't be surprising if they came from a star system having a Sun-like star that was located somewhere in the southern part of the sky (2). As for the idea that these aliens weren't tough guys and hence more like "soyboys" as you call them, they did manage to work together and use their strength to lift up the un-cooperative and wriggling witness at the beginning of the abduction and carry him onboard the UFO, and finding ways to forcibly push him through the door into the craft. So some of the aliens, predominantly the males, were quite strong.

Thus, it is likely you will see a lot of thin and often short (and a few tall) individuals arriving to study our planet. You will also find some other aliens that have more muscular chests and strong shoulders but will still look thin, and gets markedly thin around the waist and the legs will look thin but still containing some muscles (as needed to support the body against the force of gravity). So it is hard to say whether you would describe all aliens as “soyboys”. Certainly on the planets where they live, it is reasonable to expect to find more muscular individuals adapted well to the gravity of their planets. However, as soon as you start travelling great distances in space, staying thin is generally the best approach to take unless, of course, you are prepared to starve yourself to death to cover the great interstellar distances.

Regarding the views of aliens, it is difficult to say with absolute certainty how aliens would think. One likely theory, based on various factors acquired from UFO reports, including the warnings and messages provided by some aliens to their human abductees, is that as soon as aliens understand the EM technology and ways of recycling EM energy and how other civilisations are choosing not to interfere with lifeforms on other planets, a number of aliens appear to be willing to make reasonable efforts to live within their means on their own planet and not try to colonise other life-bearing planets for resources or new places to live. Instead of using up resources without any recycling (apart from some mining of minerals on planets in their solar system that do not support life, or on asteroids), they are likely to take on the view of looking after their own planet and the living things on it and of other life bearing worlds. Rather than take on a right-wing view of leaving people to fend for themselves and get a job to earn something and have what they want later and using up whatever resources are needed to achieve this survival based goal and later enough profit to be rich while doing all they can to maintain the system, highly advanced aliens may understand why it is important to look after everyone and preserve the natural environment. If aliens truly value longevity on a planet, want to avoid interfering with other alien civilisations, and give those travelling to the stars a reason to return home, there would have to be a lot more recycling taking place on their own home planets than we do. And, they may well have a different social system established to ensure wars and crime do not occur. In other words, people on those alien worlds may likely have what they need without fighting in the system and each other to get what they want. Whether that approach will lead to left-wing views is hard to tell, but it seems unlikely they will take the right-wing view of leaving people to suffer and struggle to survive in a system that is driven to force people to fight and find positive or negative ways to earn enough money as we currently do on Earth.

However, no one can be one hundred per cent certain about this, Each alien civilisation will have their own differences and types of social systems that work for them.

We will find out soon how these people live in due course once we venture to the stars in our own EM spacecraft.


9. I witnessed a huge UFO and reported it to the Air Force back in the '70s. They put my house under surveillance for three months. Can I get the report under FoI? Would it cost a lot?


Okay. Let’s assume we have a genuine UFO witness here.

We see that you have mentioned a “report” as if reasonable details were provided by the witness to the USAF. The first question we would ask is, what exactly did this witness report to the authorities? What was allegedly observed? What kind of shape was the UFO? Did it carry any special fuselages connected to the main central body? What was the configuration of those fuselages when hovering and in flight? Any glowing regions? What were the position(s) of those glows? What made the witness think it was large? Compared to what on the ground, for instance? What was the object doing? Was it demonstrating an interesting and unusual flight behaviour to witnesses on the ground? Was it billowing out cloud-like stuff in the air as it moved? Was the air glowing to show it was electrified? Was it demonstrating a relationship between the rate of flashing of the glowing effect and its speed? Who else saw the UFO? Have they reported it to the USAF?

Assuming the USAF has written a report about the incident (and, according to the witness, has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to write a report for some reason, even after the fact that in 1969 following the Condon report that the USAF claimed to have got out-of-the-business of studying UFOs, so clearly the UFO observation has got the USAF interested in learning about it),we would be curious to know why such interest from the USAF? And why the surveillance work? What caught the eye of the USAF to make it think the UFO observation was so important to the military to eventually write a report or have the witness put on surveillance? Is there something in the observations that could be scientifically useful?

Beyond that, the electromagnetic technology we now know about in the UFO reports would have considerable interest to the USAF (and indeed they have been focused on electromagnetism and their relationship to UFOs since the late 1940s). The CIA would also know about this too. Either of them could well be capable of conducting surveillance on civilians if they so choose.

Suppose there is something significant in the witness’ observation,we would not be surprised if he/she was put under surveillance. It depends on what the USAF has said to the person. Was he/she told to keep quiet and wanted to confirm this by watching the witness? If not, how can the witness be sure surveillance was put on the witness? What was the USAF (or CIA) doing at the time?

In 1976, a group of UFO researchers in the United States did make a request under FoI for the US government to release documents about UFOs. It was partially successful. At the time, a number of US government agencies either claimed they had no interest in UFOs or any premature release of such information would jepardize national security. It turns out those who denied having UFO documents were legally required to release thousands of pages of UFO-related information, although a number of the documents were heavily redacted. Others who confirmed they had reports done on the subject had to release some information, but successfully kept more than 10,000 documents away from the public’s viewing on the grounds of national security. The obvious to ask is, Why all the secrecy if UFOs are nonsense?

Depending on the sensitivity of the report that this witness thinks has been produced by the USAF, it may be possible to request a copy of it under FoI. The public are tax-payers who are paying the USAF to do a certain job, and technically that information is effectively owned by the public. The only question is just how sensitive the report is. If it isn’t meant to be sensitive and the observations made by the witness is known to everyone, there should be no reason why you cannot obtain a copy of the report. Whether it will be redacted like other UFO documents released the public will be dependent on the nature of the information the USAF has decided to write about in relation to the witness’ case.

It should not cost anything to at least enquire about it. The US military has its own FoI officer who will investigate your request and write back to you. And, in most cases, it shouldn’t cost you to get a copy of the report. It only gets expensive if you have to argue in a US court-of-law that the document is in the public interest to be released because the USAF is, for some reason, doing all it can to prevent the report’s release.


10. Hypothetically, when multiple UFO sightings happen at one location, wouldn't there need to be a mothership for them in space?


An interesting question you have posed. Probably the best way to answer this is to give two examples from official UFO reports provided to the authorities:

1. The Case of a Triangular UFO that appeared to have abducted US Navy fighter jets

On the night of 28 December 1988, at approximately 7.45p.m., witnesses observed a huge triangular-shaped UFO moving silently across the sky in the presence of U.S. Navy military jets flying in the area. Wilson Sosa, one of the witnesses, explained what happened that evening:

"Starting at 6.00 p.m., we saw jet fighters flying over the area. At 7.45 p.m. or so, we heard some other planes that were either from the Puerto Rico National Air Guard or from the U.S. Navy. Even though they were very high you could still clearly hear their engines. I was paying close attention to their fly-over because about a week before, another one of those jets, an F-14 or F-15, chased another UFO—a small one—over the Sierra Bermeja [a small mountain ridge] and the Laguna Cartagena [a lagoon]. I came out to watch them and then saw a big UFO flying over the Sierra Bermeja. It was enormous! It was blinking with many coloured lights. I ran and got my binoculars and could then clearly see that it was triangle-shaped and slightly curved at its rear side.

It made a turn back and then came over lower, appearing much larger. It was then that we noticed two jet fighters right behind it. Then, when the UFO went [to the west], one of the planes tried to intercept it and passed in front of it, at which point the UFO veered to the left and made a turn back, reducing its speed. The jets tried to intercept it three times, and that’s when the UFO slowed down and almost stopped in mid-air. It was incredible! How something that big could remain almost motionless was unbelievable. Considering its size, it must have been very heavy.

The second jet remained at the right side of the UFO and the other one positioned itself at the left rear side. Then—I don’t know exactly what happened — if the jet entered the UFO by the rear, by its upper side, or what. That was when we all yelled, because we were afraid there would be a collision and maybe an explosion. The jet in the back just disappeared on top or inside of the UFO, because I was observing everything through my binoculars and it didn’t come out from the rear, the upper side or the other sides.

The second jet remained very close to the right side of the UFO. It looked very small alongside that huge thing. As the UFO flew a little to the west, the jet disappeared, as well as its engine sound. This was exactly what happened when the first jet seemed to disappear inside the UFO.

That UFO was huge! I tell you that ship was bigger than this community’s baseball park. You could observe its grey metallic structure and great central yellow light that was being emitted from a big/bulging luminous circular concave appendage. At the triangle’s right wing tip it had brilliant yellow lights, and on the left side it had red ones.

After 'trapping' the jets, the UFO lowered its position and came very close to the ground [over the small Saman Lake]. It stood still in mid-air for a moment then straightened its corners and gave off a big flash of light from the central ball of yellow light. It then divided itself in the middle into two separate and distinct triangular sections. It was just incredible! The triangle to the right was illuminated in yellow, and the other one in red. That’s when they both shot away at great speed, one to the southeast and the other one toward the northeast, in the direction of Monte del Estado. You could see red sparks falling from it when it divided itself."

There are other witness reports with quotes of how they described the same object, so might be worth your while reviewing this case thoroughly.

2. The Oloron-Sainte-Marie UFO Case

On the sunny Friday afternoon of October 17, 1952, hundreds of witnesses from Oloron-Sainte-Marie and nearby villages in the southwest of France saw as many as 30 small objects in the sky followed by a larger white cylindrical object. The smaller objects looked like balls of mist at a distance. All the UFOs were travelling at the same speed in a southwesterly direction. Puffs of white smoke could be seen churning at the upper end of the cylinder while it was tilted at a 45° angle, which seemed responsible for the formation of a solitary cloud in an otherwise clear blue sky some 2,000 to 3,000 meters above the ground, just below the smaller UFOs.

The general superintendent of Oloron High School said:

"…To the naked eye, [the small objects] appeared as featureless balls resembling puffs of smoke. But with the help of opera glasses it was possible to make out a central red sphere, surrounded by a sort of yellowish ring [or halo] inclined at an angle. The angle was such as to conceal almost entirely the lower part of the central sphere, while revealing its upper surface. These ‘saucers’ moved in pairs, following a broken path characterised in general by rapid and short zig-zags. When two saucers drew away from one another, a whitish streak, like an electric arc, was produced between them. All these strange objects left an abundant trail [of angel hair] behind them [possibly produced from the water-like vapour emitted by the cylinder], which slowly fell to the ground as it dispersed. For several hours, clumps of it hung in the trees, on the telephone wires, and on the roofs of the houses."

A large flying cylinder in association with other smaller UFOs and seen on occasions to enter or emerge are not uncommon. With the previous example showing what appears to be an electric arc between the top (likely to be positive) and bottom (negative) ends of the UFOs, this may reveal the method employed to stay together and flying in unison while remaining protected inside the “cylinder”.

In other UFO cases, it is harder to tell, as the very large object can come masquerading as a cloud-like structure before partially or fully revealing itself to some witnesses. And even when witnesses do see more details of the structure hidden inside, it is not entirely clear if the object is composed of multiple flying objects connected together.

At any rate, there are a number of UFO cases showing smaller UFOs can perform the same cloud-creating feat in the air to help hide themselves, such as Viljo and Heinonen UFO Case of southern Finland, reported to the authorities in January 1970. So it seems like UFOs do not necessarily need to be grouped together.

In summary, some UFOs can appear to be very large as if they look like "motherships". Then, there are other UFOs, smaller in size, that come together cylindrically inside a flying cylinder as they move around in unison through space and in the Earth's atmosphere. Whereas other small UFOs seem to be able to make the journey without the need for a larger object to protect them.


11. If we all have super camera phones these days, how come we can't get a good picture of anything paranormal or even out of this world like UFOs?


We can only speak from an understanding of the UFO situation based on the work carried out by one electromagnetic physicist while researching at the ANU. It is from this interesting and original scientific perspective that we can start to understand how difficult it is for people to take pictures of UFOs at some distance, let alone ones that are really close range and capable of revealing details.

The main problem you have with UFOs is that either you have to be extremely lucky to be at the right place and time to see a genuine UFO (especially at close range), and even luckier to grab your camera or other equipment to record the event. UFOs tend to disappear very quickly from the initial visual contact of the person’s own eyes. Furthermore, it takes time for the person to process mentally whether the object seen is a genuine UFO. By the time the decision is made to acknowledge a likely UFO, the UFO may have already disappeared.

If you are extraordinarily lucky to get your camera out in time to take a picture (and one with great clarity), the UFO will often be seen at a distance, which means the object will appear as a tiny grey metallic blob or bright light in the sky. It means the details are not great to help enough scientists to say for sure whether the UFO represents something new to science. Sure, there are photos of genuine UFOs taken at close range, but they are incredibly rare (see the McMinnville UFO case). The other problem is that at night, getting details of the "object" is difficult as the surface of the object tends to glow intensely. That often puts a lot of pressure on the technology of the camera to somehow adjust exposure, and most of the time it can’t do a decent job. As a consequence, the UFO will appear as a bright blob in a darkened background in the photograph. As much as the technology of cameras are very good these days, they are still limited in what the cameras can take. The best photos are usually ones taken during the day, and is often the time when UFOs glow less or show a metallic surface.

Even so, there could be another reason. As this UFO research has revealed, the occupants of genuine UFOs may choose not to have their picture taken by us. If anything, they prefer to keep away as much as possible (as seen in those cases in which a human either observed and/or attempted to approach the occupants who might be standing outside the UFO to play for some exercise or investigate some earthly object (usually a plant) only to find the occupants will ran back and take off quickly, or point a pen-like device to immobilise the human). Why does this happen? Either because of what we are doing on this planet and how unsafe they might feel in our presence, or it is a decision to force some of the more intelligent humans on this planet to use more their imagination in order to see the common UFO observations, identify the patterns hidden in the observations, and eventually apply the necessary rational skills to see if a technology can be developed.

Whatever the truth, because UFOs are so incredibly fleeting unless the occupants choose to land for a longer period of time to grab some biological samples, it is very tempting for highly rational scientists to think that perhaps there are no UFOs. As American physicist Dr John Archibald Wheeler said:

"No phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon."

In other words, if you cannot directly see UFOs, then surely they cannot exist. Not necessarily. As Dr Carl Sagan once said, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. Just because some scientists cannot directly see genuine UFOs and/or record them for analysis does not mean UFOs do not exist. Scientists have to be prepared for the unexpected and the chance to advance scientific knowledge if we approach UFOs in a slightly different way. And that means to broaden the mind, be open-minded, show curiosity, and be willing to apply the mind as the instrument for uncovering new patterns and see where those patterns may lead. Or to put it simply, we must show some imagination and not just apply the rational skills needed to see those patterns and their applications. The rest merely requires scientists to accept some people as capable of being a reasonable instrument for observing things. And that is something most rational scientists have the most difficulties in accepting.


12. Where do you think aliens take people they abduct?


We only have indirect evidence (based on testimony of witnesses) for one person who was taken away and never returned. We see this in the Bible for a man named Jesus. Here, the man had not died, but was revived with God’s help. He gave his final teachings, and out in the desert, the apostles (including Mary Magdalene) observed a final spectacular event in which God hidden inside a large cloud descended and lights described as angels came out of it. One had landed to pick up Jesus and took off. Eventually the whole spectacle disappeared.

All other abductions, as far as we are aware from UFO reports, were designed almost entirely to gather biological samples from human abductees, and perhaps occasionally to communicate some warnings on what we should avoid, or else allow for some humans to observe the inside of the UFO to take away and pass on to human scientists on Earth who might be willing to listen and learn.

To avoid having to do a lot of moving around in their UFOs during the abduction period to evade other humans, the abductions are done in isolated areas where a few humans may live. Other than that, the abductions are temporary and humans are always returned at or near the same place they were abducted.


13. If an alien abducted you to know more about humans, what would you tell them and what would you do?


UFO reports do certainly reveal examples of abductions with a select number of humans from time-to-time. It is perfectly reasonable to ask this question. And yes, not all abductions require hypnosis for the witnesses to recall the events. There are plenty of abduction cases on the record to show that witnesses can have full control of their mental faculties while observing the experience, and later recall and explain to others what they saw as if it was another experience in their lives. As curious scientists, we have to be ready for this situation, be prepared to ask the right questions, and to listen and learn from the observations no matter how amazing the testimony might be.

Okay. So, what should a person say to the aliens and do during an abduction? Well, it may depend on the person who is being abducted.

Understandably, most people will be scared by the experience mainly because they have never seen an electromagnetic symmetrical flying object before and what it looks like inside, not to mention how the UFO occupants might look. So many people won’t say much (mainly because of the shock).

On the other hand, if you are David Attenborough, you probably wouldn’t flinch at the sight of an alien mainly because you would be totally at ease with the diversity of life on Earth and, by implications, the rest of the Universe. David Attenborough had to live for a while in a community of gorillas in the jungle and that was pretty dangerous and more hair-raising than meeting up with intelligent aliens. He would be pretty cool and calm about it.

Or, if you are a SETI scientist, you might immediately smile, hold out your hand in a presumed friendly handshake gesture, and say "Hello", perhaps in a more mathematical sense by rattling off a list of prime numbers, just to see whether the aliens will understand it and welcome this sort of communication. Not sure if this is a terribly good idea. Indeed, it is a bit hard to know how aliens will respond to a SETI scientist.

However, if we have learned anything from our Covid-19 pandemic, it might be better to stay a safe distance first and keep your mouth closed until the aliens have sorted out your state of cleanliness and are ready to communicate with you, especially if they have directly abducted you. Be careful not to smile too much as it could be interpreted in a way that might suggest you are ready to attack and eat them. Also, keep your arms and hands by your side and clearly visible to the aliens at all times just to make them feel absolutely safe in your presence.

Also, show some humility and respect by not looking directly in the aliens’ eyes until you have their permission to look at them directly. In this way, you are showing yourself to be at the level of a student of the Universe in front of what could well be the true teachers of the Universe who have much knowledge we can learn from.

Avoid touching aliens unless they give you the permission to do so. First, they may have to prepare you by cleaning off any Earthly viruses and bacteria on the skin before they can touch you and vice versa. But even if you are the finest specimen of perfect health and cleanliness, it is not recommended that you go ahead and touch first in case it could be interpreted as a threatening gesture as if you are about to attack them. Same thing applies when picking up a pen and notepad from your pocket. Aliens may not know what you have got and they might be concerned by your actions and what you hold in your hands. Keep the hands open and visible to the aliens at all times as a show of respect and a willingness to make the aliens feel safe. Let them check your clothes and pockets and study whatever objects you have in them. At some point, the aliens will make the decision to approach and possibly touch you when they are ready and feel safe to do so.

If aliens do allow you to talk, it is probably because they understand your language. Some aliens could have been tasked to learn about certain species to a deep level, even right down to understanding the language. So a spokesperson of the alien group may decide to talk to you. But mostly, on the whole, aliens will have their own language and speak among themselves in a way that humans will not be familiar with or able to comprehend. Perhaps the only things that might be familiar are intonations in the sounds produced by the aliens when speaking among themselves as if to suggest curiosity when asking questions, as well as an indication of what they are feeling (i.e., negative or positive). Other than that, no one will know exactly what they are saying. Let them have their discussion. Or, in most cases, the aliens may choose to keep quiet as they examine you.

It is important not to be afraid. Aliens who arrive here are not known to cause deliberate harm to humans (accidental is possible so let them know if you feel pain and the aliens will respond with reasonable kindness and adjust their behaviour accordingly). Those aliens that look more human tend to be more careful and eager to observe, listen, and make sure you are not harmed by the experience. So don't be surprised if the aliens occasionally stop what they are doing to you if you make any noise. Other more exotic-looking aliens are likely to handle you like a guinea pig in a laboratory, but always with reasonable respect and to avoid as much harm as possible. Because of the exotic nature of some aliens, the latter type may also do things to affect the memories held in the human as a way of forgetting the experience so it doesn’t become a shock to the human. But if you show great calm, be rational, and understand they only wish to learn more about you, mainly by gathering some biological samples, aliens are likely to allow you to be conscious and observe what is happening around you.

And if you are lucky, the aliens might even be kind enough to give you a tour of the object they fly in. Something you can take away and tell your fellow scientists about. Well, at least the ones who are willing to listen and be open-minded. For who knows what a scientist might discover from these observations.

Finally, don’t try to steal anything from inside the object. Apart from the fact that aliens will be watching you very carefully, they also prefer not to have any direct physical evidence left behind on Earth. They are more interested in seeing how well you can explain your experiences to others later and whether scientists have enough imagination (one of the major problems most adult humans tend to have, including a number of highly rational and older scientists) to see through the observations, pick up the patterns, and eventually apply those patterns in real-life.

Who knows? Maybe the technology of the flying object will reveal itself from this work?


14. If an unofficial disclosure event occurs, will it possibly be with retired naval and air force pilots revealing the existence of UFOs?


There are two ways a disclosure event will occur:

Otherwise, the best way to force disclosure is to carry out the experiment by the scientists. Any evidence that the electromagnetic technology behind UFOs is genuine and works will undoubtedly put the USAF in a difficult position. Indeed, they will not be able to deny the existence of UFOs and, in fact, could face a grilling at a congressional hearing in the United States to reveal everything it knows about UFOs and any evidence it has acquired secretly to support its secret work on UFOs and any testing it has done in Texas and at the secret facility at Area 51.


15. Will we ever find alien life?


Yes we will. Leaving aside the high probability that alien life has almost certainly found us and learning everything about us through certain UFO reports, the time for us to discover alien life for ourselves is not far off now. We are almost there.

From the perspective of NASA, the most likely way to discover alien life is as follows:

However, research into UFO reports has now provided a third option. What if instead of carrying fuel with us (nuclear or otherwise) on a journey to the stars, that we could grab the energy we need from space throughout the journey, store it in a battery system, and use some of the energy to emit radiation from a charged surface and even to recycle this energy? How much lighter and faster could cutting-edge new electromagnetic spacecraft of the future get? And how likely could we permit people to participate in these journeys to nearby stars?

A study of genuine UFOs is revealing the answer. There is research done on this subject by an electromagnetic physicist and researcher in Australia after noticing something interesting in the UFO observations. We think it would be in the interest of NASA to seriously consider this option very carefully (unless it has been told not to by the American intelligence communities or else face massive funding cutbacks, in which case it would explain a lot about what is happening there and what kind of evidence the US military has on the subject).

Time to take the subject more seriously.