Will aliens contact us?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If aliens come down to Earth today, who is the one living person you would want to represent all of humanity?


The assumption here is that aliens arriving to Earth would want to make contact with humans. This is not a foregone conclusion based on an analysis of UFO reports.

When scientists look at a large number of UFO reports from history and in modern times in order to obtain general trends in the way certain possible aliens have interacted with humans, including those UFO abduction cases in which no hypnosis for the witnesses was required to recall the events (e.g., Antonio Villas Boas UFO encounter), its seems aliens are more than content to keep away from us at just about every opportunity and will only make contact in the briefest manner with a human or humans of their choosing if they are seeking to obtain some biological samples (e.g., blood, stomach contents for an analysis of the foods we eat, obtain sperms and/or ovum etc.) and/or present some warnings to humans to do the right thing. Other than that, some UFO occupants are prepared to help us a little by giving human abductees a brief tour of the interior of the UFO to remember and hopefully later enough open-minded investigators and researchers are willing to listen, use their imagination, and apply enough rational skills to determine the nature of the UFO and how it works.

Despite this trend from the UFO reports, would aliens eventually be prepared to make direct contact with humans designed to allow everyone on this planet to see them? Scientifically speaking, we can't hope to know what an alien will think and do. But if scientists are to give a probability of this scenario happening any time soon, the answer would have to be "Probably not". If alien(s) are, in the slightest possibility, considering contacting us for this very purpose sometime in the near future, it would probably happen because:

The former scenario is unlikely mainly because the biggest problem aliens have is how far away they live — that is, beyond our solar system. Whilst those who participate in the flight to Earth and other planets may experience very short journey times thanks to the tremendous acceleration and control of inertial forces using their precise, tough and lightweight machinery, those who stay on a planet will have to wait for years, or potentially decades or longer. If we do something stupid on Earth that could destroy all life on this planet, it is unlikely aliens will know about it for many years, if not decades, let alone arrive in time to help us if they wanted to. Thus, the attitude towards us might be more one of, "Well, who cares?" Each species must experience and learn from their experiences. If humans are silly enough to destroy their planet, that is their prerogative. Upon seeing this destruction, the aliens would not really care that much, just as humans have not cared to prevent an animal like the Dodo from becoming extinct. Aliens will just use us as an example to their offsprings of what to avoid and why it happened and that's it. That could well be the best the aliens can do for us.

If there are aliens out there who might be planning to contact us on a large-scale in the near future, it will probably depend very much on what we do on our planet. In other words, are we accepting of the diversity of life on Earth? Are we protecting the natural environment? Are we using our imagination to solve world problems and providing people with what they need to survive and feel secure as the solutions get implemented?

Well, if we do the right thing and respect diversity in life on Earth, aliens would certainly feel a lot safer to come down and make contact with us. However, at the moment, and certainly as we know from our past, it would be extremely risky to have direct contact with us.

Looking at other sources of possible alien visitations in Biblical times, it looks like we may have had some aliens prepared to make contact with a few select humans. It is reasonable to surmise that some aliens can observe from a distance and determine which humans would benefit from the contact (e.g., warning of an impending disaster, such as a flooding of the newly formed Black Sea, and what to do for the chosen human(s) to prepare and protect themselves and their select close family members and friends), and also use the opportunity to send a message to human kind. Usually the contact was made with older and wiser men and occasionally in the presence of their wives. The men chosen were generally seen as having a sound understanding of the principle of love and practice it with a small group of humans, can lead other humans, and are more likely to have sway in the human community at large because of their age and source of great wisdom, and who are males capable of influencing a male-dominated human society with many different male leaders.

Today, the problems created by men have not improved. With so much focus on profit and power, and causing considerable damage to the natural environment without adequate and effective recycling, it seems less likely aliens would want to make direct contact with humans.

If alien(s) do intend to contact humans one day to achieve some socially useful and worthwhile aim of transforming human societies on a more permanent "path with a heart" (and with imagination thrown in for good measure) path, it would not be surprising if aliens choose a woman. Whoever the aliens will choose, it is likely to be someone who is powerful enough to influence a large number of humans on the planet, as well as being well-educated, and shows enough imagination to find new solutions to problems, as well as being caring to all life on Earth.

Perhaps someone of the calibre of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel? Otherwise, it would have to be a female version of David Attenborough with a high regard for the preservation of life on Earth, as well as a great intellect and an outstanding communicator.

However, if we could have a choice of who to represent humanity, we can always show a sense of balance and diversity by having two people. Those people could be a female and a male and perhaps having diverse ethnicity to help properly represent all of humanity.