Can UFOs Advance Science?

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The thorny few percent of UFO reports

There exists a small, hard-core percentage of UFO reports that defy all efforts by scientists to explain away as natural or man-made objects. Providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object that can scoot around in the air at phenomenal speeds and still reveal to the witnesses when landed on the ground and at close range of artificial looking features, such as a door, portholes, certain fixed or movable fuselage protrusions, flashing lights, and in some cases even the occupants themselves, these odd-looking objects have raised considerable interest among some scientists.

The question on the minds of curious and open-minded scientists is, "What are these objects?"

Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974
Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974

Can UFOs advance science?

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado headed by Dr Edward U. Condon concluded that UFO reports on the whole represented nothing new to science and, therefore, will not advance our scientific knowledge. If there is anything electromagnetic about the nature of UFOs as noted by genuine witnesses, one must assume it has to be ball lightning.

Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965
Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965

UFOs reveal "artificial" features

Apart from the witnesses who disagree with this scientific view, saying unreservedly that they could observe artificial features such as portholes, doors, and the appearance of UFO occupants, the late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States, struggled to see this scientific view when he noticed between 1952 and 1953 the electromagnetic nature of these "artificial-looking" objects in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he said:

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down....[The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterised] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation." (1)

Senior radio engineer Dr Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa also discovered evidence for a link between UFOs and electromagnetism from his government-funded study into UFOs, known under the auspicious name of Project Magnet.

Is there an electromagnetic technology in the UFO reports?

Now, after looking at the reports, SUNRISE has uncovered something to advance science, and with it a new technology.

The scientific advancement comes by way of our understanding of the nature of radiation and how it interacts with solid matter, as well as in one area of electromagnetism that discusses the emission of radiation from a charged surface. Indeed, the latter concept has been around for more than a century, but is considered by physicists who have studied this special "charged" case as one of the most poorly understood in all of physics. Today, this will change as scientists realise the reality of this concept and how it can be used.

Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957
Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957

What all this means is that there is a way in physics to accelerate a charged object in an exponential manner that will permit UFO occupants to participate in the flight so long as there are technological solutions applied to control the inertial forces on the body.

What is this mathematical formula?

The formula for describing a charged object emitting radiation is known as the Abraham-Lorentz formula. It is an obscure mathematical formula found only in a few advanced university textbooks on electromagnetism. What makes the mathematical solution derived from this formula so unusual is the interpretation one has to give to it in order for the solution to meet the energy of conservation principle. More specifically, the implications of the solution is that the energy is being recycled continuously, thereby allowing the energy to be used again and again for further radiation emission in order to drive the charged particle to higher acceleration and speed. How this is achieved is not well-understood. But what we do know is that as the charged object accelerates, it concentrates energy from the surroundings, thereby increasing the energy density of the emitted radiation. And this in turn creates a stronger recoiling force on the charge. For physicists, the assumption has been that it would need a significant speed to achieve this (which does occur in particle accelerators today). However, Albert Einstein's Unified Field Theory is telling us there is another way to achieve the same effect using charge and frequency of the oscillating charge. Basically, instead of accelerating the entire object, you accelerate the charges (i.e., electrons) on the surface through high frequency and high amounts of charge. Once the electromagnetic energy from the surroundings is concentrated and brought in to push against the emitting radiation, the energy is recycled. This is why people have reported watching UFOs in a rest position render themselves invisible to the naked eye in a periodic manner in tune with the frequency of the oscillating charge in an attempt to teach humans the importance of recycling electromagnetic energy, and the key to tremendous acceleration. As a result, the rate of acceleration is not described as linear, but rather it is said to be exponential.

Is this true?

Well, there is a way to recycle electromagnetic energy. Einstein gave us a clue through his Unified Field Theory published in 1929. And there is also a way to amplify the radiation force, far more than previous realised by the scientific community simply because our current interpretation of the way radiation moves solid matter is not quite correct. Could it be enough to finally resolve this problem of physics and test the solution of the Abraham-Lorentz formula to see if it actually works in reality?

The UFO reports are telling us it should work, and for good reasons too as the book will explain.

Here we have, for the first time, an opportunity in science to advance our knowledge in the field of electromagnetism and the nature of solid matter, and create dramatic acceleration when developing a new technology. All it will take is one experiment to find out.

Is the USAF aware of this technology?

The USAF, or at least one secretive branch of it, is aware of this technology, has even looked at the Abraham-Lorentz formula in 1959-60 (which makes it impossible for the USAF to be responsible for all UFOs, especially those with electromagnetic observations prior to 1959), and eventually built a UFO of its own and tested it in Texas in late December 1980 (see the Cash-Landrum UFO case) even though it wishes to deny its involvement (good luck with that). Yet the military still wants to keep what it knows about UFOs to itself under the veil of secrecy and pretend it is not interested in the UFO phenomenon. Not anymore.

The USAF will soon face a moment when it will have to do a lot more explaining to the public of what it really knows about UFOs (ignore Project Blue Book). This release of information to the public must include discussions of all the true electromagnetic testing and experiments it has conducted following its own study of UFOs, and any reverse-engineering work it has done on at least one "crashed disc" in history and what it has learned from the "victims" (i.e., occupants).

Time is quickly running out for the USAF to hide everything it knows. The time for enlightenment on the UFO situation will come.

Want to learn more?

To learn what we really know about UFOs (and the kind of work that should have been done by the scientific community if it wasn't so skeptical about the subject in the first place and the lack of imagination to see through the problem), the book Can UFOs Advance Science? will explain the evidence, the scientific concept, and how to construct the electromagnetic UFO. No other UFO book is confident enough to reveal this level of detail and insight as this book from SUNRISE can. This is the first and only book in the world to explain the electromagnetic UFO technology actually being used and the side-effects expected to be observed when in operation (and the scientific explanation of why they exist), and why the UFO moves the way it does, as well as how UFO occupants can travel great distances inside small UFOs with remarkable ease.

Furthermore, the technology is definitely not so alien that people cannot understand it or is impossible to build. From the way some UFO reports reveal an attempt by whoever or whatever is flying these things to teach humans how the technology works, the book may be more aptly titled UFO Technology for Dummies.

Can we build this technology today? You be the judge by reading this intriguing book.