Can UFOs Advance Science?

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"In the real universe, interstellar flights involving humans will only be done through rapid acceleration and applying technological techniques to controlling the inertial forces using electromagnetic concepts. This is the only way humans will ever reach the stars in very short time frames."


Sample chapter for Roswell Revealed by SUNRISE Information Services

The thorny few percent of UFO reports

There exists a small, hard-core percentage of UFO reports that defy all efforts by scientists to explain away as natural or man-made objects. These reports provide considerable details when seen at close range by witnesses of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object that can scoot around in the air at phenomenal speeds and still reveal to the witnesses when landed on the ground of artificial looking features, such as a door, portholes, certain fixed or movable fuselage protrusions, flashing lights, and in some cases even the occupants themselves. Such observations have raised considerable interest among some open-minded and curious scientists.

The question we must ask is, "What are these objects?"

Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974
Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974

Can UFOs advance science?

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado headed by Dr Edward U. Condon concluded that UFO reports on the whole represented nothing new to science and, therefore, will not advance our scientific knowledge. If there is anything electromagnetic about the nature of UFOs as noted by genuine witnesses, one must assume it has to be ball lightning.

Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965
Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965

UFOs reveal "artificial" features

Apart from the witnesses who disagree with this scientific view, saying unreservedly that they could observe artificial features such as portholes, doors, and the appearance of UFO occupants, the late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States, struggled to see this scientific view when he noticed between 1952 and 1953 the electromagnetic nature of these "artificial-looking" objects in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he said:

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down....[The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterised] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation." (1)

Senior radio engineer Dr Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa also discovered evidence for a link between UFOs and electromagnetism from his government-funded study into UFOs, known under the auspicious name of Project Magnet.

Then we learn from various witnesses of common observations indicating that the UFOs are electromagnetic objects emitting buzzing sounds highly reminiscent of an electrical generator.

As an example, Salma Siddick was a Grade 6 student at Ariel School outside Ruwa, Zimbabwe (located 22 km south-east of the capital Harare) when she and 61 other students allegedly observed during mid-morning break on 16 September 1994 a UFO come down from the sky and land between and behind two trees as well as observe its occupants for approximately 15 minutes. The most notable features of the UFO included its symmetrical design, the large bright lights, and the sound it produced when the object was in the air or about to take off. As Siddick described the sound:

"It was like a buzzing. A buzzing of what you hear at an electric station or anywhere close to that like something was being zapped."

Salma Siddick recalls as an adult the buzzing sound of the UFO she heard (and observed the object) when she was a student at Ariel School in Zimbabwe. (Source: From the 2022 documentary Ariel Phenomenon released on 20 May 2022 by String Theory Films).

As another example, seventy-seven-year-old Alfred Burtoo of Aldershot, England, revealed a couple of interesting observations concerning the UFO he had seen on the night of 11 August 1983. The first was the behaviour of the bright light on the UFO as it moved over metal railway tracks at close range. Burtoo said:

"...[I] saw a vivid light coming towards me from the south, which is over North Town. It wavered over the railway line and then came on again, then settled down. The vivid light went out, though I could see a light through the boughs of the trees." (Good 1997, p.88.)

At close range and able to observe the UFO take off from the ground, he heard the sound:

"...And then I heard this whining noise, just as if an electric generator was starting up, and this thing lifted off and the bright light came on again." (Good 1997, p.90.)

These were not the only interesting features to make Alfred think he was looking at an electromagnetic vehicle. He also noted the smooth metallic exterior (especially where the lights glowed), not to mention the rounded nature of the door when entering and exiting the object, which he thought was unusual.

Is there an electromagnetic technology in the UFO reports?

Now, after looking at the reports, SUNRISE has uncovered something to advance science, and with it a new technology.

The scientific advancement comes by way of our understanding of the nature of radiation and how it interacts with solid matter, as well as in one obscure and controversial area of electromagnetism that discusses the emission of radiation from a charged surface. Indeed, the latter concept has been around for more than a century, but is considered by physicists who have studied this special "charged" case as one of the most poorly understood in all of physics, mainly because it is so controversial and no one has seen it work outside of a particle accelerator. Today, this will change as scientists realise the reality of this concept and how it can be used to transport people and instruments in a more dramatic and faster way.

Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957
Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957

What all this means is that there is a way in physics to accelerate a charged object in an exponential manner that will permit UFO occupants (and by implications humans) to participate in the flight so long as there are technological and biological solutions applied to control the inertial forces on the body.

Is the USAF aware of this technology?

The USAF, or at least one secretive branch of it, is aware of this technology and the electromagnetic concept that lies behind it, and have eventually built a UFO of its own and tested it in Texas in late December 1980 (see the Cash-Landrum UFO case) even though it wishes to deny involvement in the case (good luck with that). Yet the military still wants to keep what it knows about UFOs to itself under the veil of secrecy and pretend it is not interested in the UFO phenomenon. Not anymore.

The USAF will face the time when it will have to do a lot more explaining to the public of what it really knows about UFOs (ignore Project Blue Book as this has just the front line to a much bigger cover up, and served a different purpose of educating the American publ;ic to see UFOs as nothing out of the ordinary and certainly not alien). Now the military will have to soon release the key information to the public of all the true electromagnetic testing and experiments it has conducted following its own study of UFOs, and any reverse-engineering work it has done on at least one "crashed disc" in history and what it has learned from the "victims" (i.e., occupants). There will be no choice in the matter.

Time is quickly running out for the USAF to hide everything it knows. The time for enlightenment on the UFO situation is arriving fast, and soon the experiment will find out how real the electromagnetic concept of "exponential acceleration" for a charged object actually is.

Want to learn more?

The book Can UFOs Advance Science? will explain the evidence, the scientific concept, and how to construct the electromagnetic UFO. No other UFO book is confident enough and be able to put it out there in such a bold scientific move to reveal this level of detail and insight as this book from SUNRISE can. This is the first and only book in the world to explain the electromagnetic UFO technology actually being used and the side-effects expected to be observed when in operation, and why UFOs move the way they does, as well as how UFO occupants can travel great distances inside small UFOs.

Furthermore, the technology is definitely not so alien that people cannot understand it or is impossible to build. From the way some UFO reports reveal an attempt by whoever or whatever is flying these things to teach humans how the technology works, the book may be more aptly titled UFO Technology for Dummies.

Can we build this technology today? You be the judge by reading this intriguing book.