Can UFOs Advance Science?

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The thorny few percent of UFO reports defying scientific explanation

There exists a small, hard-core percentage of UFO reports providing considerable details of a strange symmetrical metallic and glowing object flying in the air. These odd-looking flying objects have been observed since antiquity and will continue to be spotted for as long as humans choose to look at the sky. As much as some authorities may hate to acknowledge this fact, the reality is that UFOs do exist and will always be seen and reported. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The question we must ask is, "What are these UFOs?"

Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974
Artist impression of a UFO observed in Japan in 1974

Can UFOs advance science?

In 1969, a US government-sponsored study by the University of Colorado headed by Dr Edward U. Condon concluded that UFO reports represented nothing new to science and, therefore, will not advance our scientific knowledge. If there was anything electromagnetic about the nature of UFOs, one must assume it has to be ball lightning.

Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965
Artist impression of a UFO observed in the UK on 14 September 1965

UFOs reveal "artificial" features

Apart from the witnesses who disagree with this scientific view by saying that they could observe artificial features such as portholes, doors, and the appearance of UFO occupants, the late Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of Project Blue Book in the United States, noticed between 1952 and 1953 the electromagnetic nature of these "artificial-looking" objects in the UFO reports. After the 1957 wave of UFO reports had swept through America, he said:

"During my tenure with Project Blue Book we had reports of radiation and induction fields in connection with UFOs, however the information was sketchy and we were never able to pin it down....[The reports of electromagnetic disturbances characterised] a whole new dimension to the UFO investigation." (1)

Senior radio engineer Dr Wilbert Brockhouse Smith (1910-1962) who worked for the Department of Transport in Ottawa also discovered evidence for a link between UFOs and electromagnetism from his government-funded study into UFOs, known as Project Magnet.

There is an electromagnetic technology in the UFO reports

However, after looking at the reports, SUNRISE has uncovered the hidden electromagnetic technology (and concept) in the reports. Incredibly, the new electromagnetic technology is something that we can build right now and put to use if we are game enough to try.

Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957
Artist impression of UFO observed in the USA on 2 November 1957

More importantly, the acceleration is said to be "exponential" according to the solution to the mathematical formula. This means there is a way in science to permit UFO occupants to participate in the flight so long as they can find ways to control the inertial forces.

What is this mathematical formula?

It is an obscure mathematical formula found only in a few advanced university textbooks on electromagnetism. Not fully understood by other scientists despite the concept being known for more than a century, it involves the emission of radiation from the surface of a charged object. What makes the mathematical solution derived from this formula so unusual is the interpretation one has to give to it in order for the solution to meet the energy of conservation principle: the energy appears to be recycled continuously, thereby allowing the energy to be used again and again for further radiation emission in order to drive the charged particle to higher acceleration and speed. As a result, the acceleration is said to be exponential.

But what if we told you there is a way to recycle electromagnetic energy? And what if there is a way for the radiation force to be amplified and to move solid matter more firmly than previous realised by the scientific community?

In other words, we would have for the first time an opportunity in science to create dramatic acceleration (or at the very least find out through one simple experiment to confirm the observations). So fast that it will make it possible for interstellar travel to become a reality, and to allow people to participate in the flight if we choose the right engineering solution to help people withstand the inertial forces. Whether scientists believe in this interpretation or not, one thing is certain: this is the only area of physics that will explain those unusual and genuine UFO reports and the presence of so-called UFO occupants. For there to be occupants of any kind arriving in unusually small flying objects (and with no cryogenic or hibernating pods), there must be tremendous acceleration and a means for the occupants to control the inertial forces to achieve this long-distance travelling.

What is the secret behind this tremendous acceleration?

The mathematical solution strongly suggests that electromagnetic energy, when emitted from a charged surface, can be recycled. However, in may be closer to reality to say that the energy is already available around us and can be picked up and stored inside a substance for later re-use. Whether we actually recycle the emitted radiation is probably an ideal scenario. Nevertheless, there is a way to recycle electromagnetic energy. According to Einstein's Unified Field Theory, radiation creates its own gravitational field. At sufficient charge and frequency of the oscillating charge, we should be able to amplify this gravitational field component of radiation until it can bend the radiation back on itself. That is the definition of energy recycling.

So if scientists ever want to recycle some of the emitted radiation, just raise the charge and frequency of the charge on a metal surface high enough to see the effect. It is as simple as that.

On top of that, there are simple, yet ingenious engineering solutions to extracting electromagnetic energy from the surroundings. These can include a metal "antenna" dangling outside and travelling at speed with the main body of the craft to help it "cut" through the natural magnetic fields of space so as to generate a charge at opposite ends of the metal rod. Similarly, piezoelectric crystals also has their own way to get back the energy from the surroundings in readiness for the next moment a force is applied to the crystals to generate a charge.

Furthermore, the Unified Field Theory can also explain how we can control inertial forces in a way we have never done before. This will be the first time humans can control gravity and the inertial forces in an electromagnetic way.

Is there UFO evidence to support the use of this concept

There is evidence from the UFO reports to support this claim. Apart from those UFO cases where whoever or whatever is flying these objects seem keen to want to teach us aspects of the technology and reveal this radiation emitting approach for our benefit, we also see important clues from genuine abductees (those who required no hypnosis).

A classic example of an abductee who has provided rich information about the inside of a UFO and its exterior components has to be the Antonio Villas Boas UFO case.

Astonishingly, we find no evidence in the UFO reports of cryogenic or hibernating pods inside any UFO observed by human abductees. And certainly no special tricks from the Tardis in Dr Who to make the inside of the UFO look much bigger to accommodate such preservation tools. The ridiculously small nature of the flying objects observed by witnesses and with UFO occupants inside can only mean one thing: the electromagnetic UFOs can achieve phenomenal acceleration, and the presence of UFO occupants means they have found a way to control the inertial forces to achieve the long distances between the stars. There is only one area in physics this can be done, and it is in electromagnetism. Specifically, using the radiation reaction force and ways of destructively eliminating the radiation in a certain region (i.e., inside the UFO) in order to reduce the inertial effects on the body.

More importantly, the acceleration has to be exponential for witnesses to observe UFO occupants inside their small craft. If we did not have this exponential acceleration, the occupants would starve to death during the long distance travelling. As the occupants seem to survive the journey and get seen by UFO witnesses, then we have to consider the radiation reaction force with its "exponential" acceleration as a serious contender in explaining how this is possible.

What does it mean to accelerate exponentially?

For the public to understand exponential acceleration, we are not talking about some piddling linear acceleration such as what you see in traditional fossil-fuel based aircraft, cars or boats when a person presses on an accelerator pedal or stick. This type of acceleration is constant and thus the inertial force will feel the same over time. Exponential, on the other hand, means that, at first, it can start slowly but quickly builds up over time to create tremendous acceleration, and there is no limit to how much acceleration can take place. It is all a question of how much acceleration you can withstand to achieve a high enough speed in a short period of time.

To put it another way, exponential acceleration is a form of non-linear acceleration. It accelerates in a way that is going to put increasingly higher inertial forces on the body over time. A kind of runaway behaviour.

There are ways to withstand a greater amount of inertial forces. For example, a thin and small body and a tight metal suit to help push extra blood to the head can help a lot to reduce the effect and withstand a greater inertial force. But, in the exponential case, eventually all living things participating will experience a limit. Other approaches are needed. Fortunately, one way is explained in the Unified Field Theory.

Despite the limit, it is still possible to achieve the required speeds approaching that of light as needed to travel to nearby stars. The presence of UFO occupants is strongly leading scientists to think that this must be true.

The great U.S. UFO secrecy is coming to an end

Yes, the secret has been exposed. The implications of this work are only just beginning. The USAF is aware of this technology and wants to keep it to itself. Not anymore.

To learn more, the book Can UFOs Advance Science? will explain the evidence, the scientific concept, and how to construct the electromagnetic UFO. This is the first and only book in the world to explain UFO technology from a scientific perspective, but written to be understood by the masses.

Furthermore, the technology is definitely not so alien that people cannot understand it or is impossible to build. From the way some UFO reports reveal an attempt by whoever or whatever is flying these things to teach humans how the technology works, the book may be more aptly titled UFO Technology for Dummies.

Can we build this technology today? You be the judge by reading this intriguing book.