Roswell Revealed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any man-made explanation the USAF can come up with following your research and pubslihing of the SUNRISE book that could explain the Roswell object of early July 1947 while accepting that it probably was a titanium-based shape-memory dark-grey alloy used in the Roswell foil?

Good luck if the USAF can.

If there was a man-made explanation for the Roswell object that crashed in early July 1947 to account for the large amount of a dark-grey and tough shape-memory foil, it would require someone to have a certain amount of technical details needed to understand titanium and titanium-based shape-memory alloys as well as knowledge and the equipment to manufacture in pure form the shape-memory alloy containing titanium. At an official scientific level as known by the scientific community at large outside the U.S. military, this knowledge came after 1958. For the U.S. military, the knowledge came after 1947 at a secret level within Wright-Patterson AFB and with much needed external scientific assistance from the Battelle Memorial Institute in Ohio. In terms of the equipment to make the shape-memory alloy, the purity required to reveal this property was too high to be achieved before July 1947. After July 1947, only very small samples of NiTi (the world's most powerful shape-memory alloy and the first looked at in the titanium alloy family) were produced by Dr John P. Nielsen at the New York University after being granted leave from the USAF to become full professor of metallurgy at a very young age in NYU. As for reaching the required quantities as seen in the Roswell case by the witnesses, this was not attempted by the USAF even when the first titanium jet aircraft was built by 1952. The metal used was not an alloy,but just plain titanium.

The history of titanium-based shape-memory alloys and even generally speaking in terms of any tough shape-memory alloy is not supporting the USAF as having made the Roswell object. And with no one else in the world taking responsibility for what was flown and crashed in the New Mexico desert, it is looking decidedly like it was not man-made at all. Yet it is clear to make something so pure using titanium to show the shape-memory property, it required a deliberate effort and technical know-how by someone to make the stuff and use it in a flying object.

What we can conclude is that the Roswell object was definitely artificial. Someone made it. And whoever it was that made it knows about the knowledge and had the equipment to mass-produce a titanium-based shape-memory alloy as an exterior hull material.

There is nothing in the history and stated officially by the U.S. military to support any possibility of the Roswell object being man-made.

Did the Roswell foil really have titanium in it?

Former commanding officer of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (AFB) Brigadier-General Arthur E. Exon made it clear to investigators that when he was at the base, he was in communication with a number of people of which several had told him that the Roswell foil contained titanium. Furthermore, a foil that returned to its original shape has to be an alloy. No metal can return to its original shape in the significant manner this foil had shown to the witnesses. And it is an alloy of at least two elements, of which one has to be titanium in substantial quantities. Also, it had to be dark-grey. Sounds very much like we are dealing with NiTi, the only dark-grey and most powerful titanium-based shape-memory alloy in existence. Either that, or small traces of a third element could have been added to enhance the engineering properties of the alloy as the SUNRISE book has revealed. But if not, and there is another alloy that looks and behaves in the same way, the USAF certainly has a lot of explaining to do.

So far, there were no known alloys in the scientific literature at around the time of the Roswell crash that can match how the Roswell foil behaved and its toughness properties.

Could anyone from the Project Mogul team have developed a titanium-based shape-memory alloy as part of its secret testing in 1947?

The people who worked on Project Mogul did not mention shape-memory alloys in the manufacture of their weather balloons. If anyone could have made the alloy, it would have to be the USAF. Unfortunately the decision by the USAF to go back to ordinary titanium to build the world's first titanium jet aircraft in 1952 is not supporting the slightest possibility that the military had this knowledge in 1947. If the Roswell object was man-made, it makes no sense to go backwards in their technological achievements after somehow making a titanium-based shape-memory alloy, and do it with such ease given the quantities used in the Roswell object. Whatever the USAF had manufactured by July 1947 would not be repeated for a long time until the technology was there. Instead a plain an ordinary titanium skin would be used for the fighter jet. So definitely no need for extremely high purity of the titanium alloy to reveal any special kind of property. Nice and easy for the USAF. Yet it does not explain the decision to suddenly stop all work into a highly pure titanium-based shape-memory alloy after July 1947 on what we must presume was a secret military experiment on a new type of flying object all because of a silly lightning strike. How odd? Why use such an expensive and tough shape-retaining alloy on a slow-moving weather balloon? Clearly the alloy must have been used in a high-speed object. That is the only reason to go to this trouble to make a large quantity of a tough shape-memory alloy. Yet this high-speed object was immediately abandoned not because the alloy failed miserably during the experiment, or the fact that it could not fly. Far from it. The object flew well and the alloy worked exactly as it was intended — to retain the original shape of the object. Rather it was because of a humble lightning strike that brought down the object and possibly with pilots and crew onboard. Big deal? Ordinary civilian aircraft have been brought down by lightning strikes in the past. Today, there are solutions available to the problem. So why stop the military project all of a sudden?

And why would a lightning strike bring down the object anyway? What is so special about the object itself that had attracted the lightning so easily and repeatedly according to the testimony of the rancher who heard the odd explosion?

It is clear at this stage that something strange was found in early July 1947 in the New Mexico desert. The alloy is only just the beginning. The real issue appears to be the bodies. There is something special about these bodies recovered by the USAF and not just the alloy itself that has made it necessary to maintain secrecy to this day.

The scientific literature indicates that AuCd is a shape memory metal discovered in 1932. This is 15 years before Roswell. So doesn't this prove the Roswell case is man-made?

Not necessarily. For a start, AuCd is not tough enough to withstand the high temperatures of a blow torch or resist scratching and denting with a heavy sledgehammer as the military witnesses at Roswell AFB discovered. Furthermore the colour of AuCd is not dark-grey. It is, as you know, more yellowish thanks to its proportion of gold. It means that we are not dealing with AuCd. In fact, the only other shape-memory alloy discovered prior to the Roswell case is CuZn, but again this has the same problem as with AuCd regarding its lack of toughness properties. And not even this alloy is of the dark-grey colour.

The type of shape-memory we are talking about in relation to the Roswell case must be a lot tougher. This is a degree of toughness in an incredibly lightweight and newspaper thin foil that was never seen by anyone prior to July 1947.

Then, all of a sudden, we find the right stuff by way of a titanium-based shape-memory alloy and, remarkably, of the right colour through NiTi thanks to formerly secret USAF/Battelle reports published just after 1947. And not just one, but up to four titanium-based alloys later identified by scientists as shape-memory alloys. A coincidence? Not likely considering the witnesses were clear about the shape-memory effect of the dark-grey Roswell foil. Furthermore, we know the USAF received this Roswell foil for analysis at Wright-Patterson AFB — the place that initiated the study into NiTi and other shape memory alloys after 1947. It means the effect cannot have been accidentally missed. So, the USAF must have known something about the shape-memory effect of alloys, and of the titanium variety (since it is the only thing the USAF focused on between 1948 and 1949, and we can understand why).

The problem is, the USAF has never officially released a report discussing its own secret work on shape-memory alloys just prior to the Roswell crash, and explained why it all began. Well, now we can understand why. The military could not have done the work. It did not even have the technology to make small samples of a highly pure titanium-based shape-memory alloy before July 1947. Someone else did, and the USAF is not willing to say who this is.

What do you say to all those skeptics who believe the Roswell case is hogwash and is now "debunked"?

"Debunked" in a sense that the Roswell object is a man-made secret military experiment? One thing about skeptics is that they do need to be careful about what they say when they choose not to look at all the evidence. And anyway, science is not about believing but rather looking at the evidence and making reasonable and informed decisions and probable explanations for what happened based on the evidence at hand.

If the skeptics took the time to read the SUNRISE book (and analyze it properly) and do some of their own research into shape-memory alloys at the time of the crash and made reasonable efforts to speak to the remaining witnesses, it may come as a surprise that the Roswell case is far from being "debunked". In fact, the mystery of Roswell and what happened in mid-1947 deepens dramatically when we look more closely at the Roswell foil observed by the witnesses.

What we are dealing with here is something that is not normal or based on any kind of man-made object. It is time that the world looks at this case more closely, because it is strongly indicating that a major event did take place, and the USAF has been doing all it can to hide this fact against the interest of science and the natural advancement of our understanding about the universe for the public.