Food for Life

Feed the brain and the body will follow

"If life serves you lemons, make lemonade."


The brain is an incredible organ. Knowing how to use it for learning, solving problems, and becoming a more balanced individual in the modern world is one third of the step towards a healthy mind and a more productive person in society. The other one-third is giving the brain the opportunity to undergo regular sleep. You need plenty of sleep for the brain to process the information it has acquired throughout the day, so you can be more efficient and effective in memory recall and achieving more things in your life. But did you know the final one-third of the step is for you to eat the right sorts of foods to help build your brain and make it function properly?

As a UN report issued in March 2004 has indicated, nutrient deficiency in people's foods is a leading cause in the diminishing of brainpower of entire nations especially in third-world countries.

For example, a study by researchers in June 2004 claim people who regularly take Vitamins E and C have a significantly reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's disease — a brain-wasting disease. Researchers believe it may have something to do with the way these powerful antioxidants neutralise and mop up the dangerous free radicals created naturally in the body through biochemical reactions and from the radiation in the environment penetrating the body. (1)

As the UN looks into the idea of fortifying basic foods with extra vitamins and minerals, there is something we can all do as individuals to promote a healthy human brain, and that includes growing our own foods in an organic and nutritionally dense and healthy way.

In this section, we shall present a handful of healthy recipes from around the world containing a broad range of quality vitamins, minerals (e.g. iodine), proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats (but not too much of the carbohydrates if you wish to lose weight) to help fuel and build the brain (and your body as well) and so give it a chance to achieve some amazing things given the right knowledge and conditions.

Elsewhere, we will also explain what is in these foods to give your brain the fuel and power it needs to perform at its best. And we will simplify the big picture of the way we should eat food and the kinds of foods we should be eating, including solving problems such as being overweight, diabetes, brain strokes, heart attacks, poor mental health and more.

If you would like to see other information included in this section (whether to improve on this topic or provide additional comments), don't hesitate to send us a message.


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