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"There can be no high civilisation where there is not ample leisure."

—Henry Ward Beecher

"Our emotions must be raised to the highest positive level using whatever means deemed suitable and necessary if we are to learn and apply new knowledge in the quickest and most effective way for the good of society."


"Fun and laughter are the greatest stress-busters in the world....Too many people think that if you're having fun at work, you can't be productive. But we know that when people are having fun at work, they are more creative, they're more productive, they solve problems better, they're more cooperative, they're less stress, and they come to work more often."

Patricia Cameron-Hill, presenter of the Stress and Humour video in Australia

"The office prankster who constantly jokes and laughs may well be doing their job better than more serious co-workers."

—See footnote (1)

"The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter."

—Mark Twain

Please find below for your enjoyment a tiny selection of our "F" Files we've collected over the years from anonymous sources. Although every effort has been made to trace the original copyright holders, we apologise in advance for any unintentional omissions. We would appreciate it if the copyright holders can provide us with an appropriate acknowledgement source so we may include it on our Web site.

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The Funny Files Collection

  1. If you are unhappy...


  1. Cocky wants something...
  2. Animals take revenge on humans!
  3. It's an animals' world
  4. Lucky dog!
  5. Unlucky cat!
  6. Total defiance is the only recourse!


  1. Women talk.
  2. If women ruled the world...
  3. Why women don't bungie jump
  4. How to make a woman happy
  5. The humble cucumber - a girl's best friend.
  6. Classic taxi joke


  1. Men talk.
  2. If men ruled the world...
  3. A serious letter from Mr Luigi Guiseppi Santiago to Derrick Construction Co.
  4. Black fellas' revenge.
  5. A scene of great flatulence A.
  6. A scene of great flatulence B.
  7. The Whodunnit series: "Who f*rted?"
  8. A police warning to all virgins coming to Australia...
  9. The cure for baldness?
  10. Classic bomb squad joke
  11. The Militant Dog

About Men and Women

  1. The brain structure of men and women
  2. Battle of the Sexes
  3. Is a dog better than a man?


  1. Valentine sayings
  2. Love is...


  1. Keeping the current system going....
  2. Showing real interest in your company - 90's style.
  3. How do you know it's management...
  4. Are you being screwed?
  5. No absentism permitted at work
  6. Whose job is it??
  7. Explanation of Departmental Phraseology
  8. Christmas stress for the Human Resource Director
  9. How do you feel today?
  10. International Stress Symbol
  11. Are you trying to take one day at a time? Well think again!
  12. And you think you're stressed!
  13. Stress Reduction Kit
  14. Coffee Effects
  15. The things you wish you could say at work
  16. The Creation.
  17. It's alright to be an asshole...well sometimes!
  18. Problem-solving flowchart.
  19. NUTS - The new tax system
  20. Photocopier expert?!

Law and Order

  1. Parking violation ticket.
  2. Basic rules for driving in Canberra, Australia
  3. 12 things you should never say to a cop when you get pulled over


  1. Computer duck.
  2. How would you feel?
  3. 10 signs that technology has taken over your life.


  1. Best rum cake ever!


  1. The exam from Hell!
  2. Letter from Mom...


  1. The good old rubber bung!...


  1. The good old days...


  1. Your letter from the bank has arrived...


  1. Do you know your Um?


  1. This is an important announcement from Irish Airlines...
  2. The world's best graffiti has now come online!
  3. Does Santa exist?


  1. Lose weight the revolutionary way!
  2. 50 things to do in a public toilet
  3. Bad Day
  4. Life's minor irritations!
  5. The amazing world we live in


  1. Aliens invade the Internet.
  2. ET - The Movie

The World of Jokes

  1. Jokes Galore!