What is Microsoft Word?

What is Microsoft Word?

Welcome to the world of Microsoft Word!

Microsoft Word is a software program for creating what is known as a Word document (or just simply a document). A document is where you communicate with someone else in both written and visual form. And because it is digital, a document can also contain sounds. It is a kind of digital canvas or digital piece of paper where you can type text like a typewriter and at the same time insert pictures, movies and virtually any other kind of information you like into it.

While a document is very much like getting out a pen and paper and writing or drawing something down, the main difference is that a digital document in Microsoft Word can actually save the environment of wasted paper. In other words, if you make a mistake, Microsoft Word will allow you to correct the mistake before committing yourself to a printed version.

To give you an analogy, think of a Microsoft Word document as like a cell in a Microsoft Excel document. You can add text in the usual way including the ability to centre, left-align, right-align, bold the text and so on. The only difference is that this expanded cell forming your Word document can have pictures and movies added to it and a whole heap of other information.