Drawing tools

Creating a professional-looking document

Another useful feature of Microsoft Word is the ability to add standard drawing objects to your document. This feature helps to make your document look more professional.

How do I access the standard drawing objects?

To access the standard drawing objects of Microsoft Word, choose Customise under the Tools menu command:

The Customise window will appear. Place a tick in the box that says "Drawing". You will see the Drawing toolbar appear (usually at the bottom of the screen).

Defining the main text designing tool buttons

Drawing object alignment, positioning, rotating tool
Drawing object selector
Rotate drawing object
Insert drawing object shapes
Insert line object
Insert arrow object
Insert rectangle drawing object
Insert oval drawing object
Insert text box
Insert word art object
Fill object colour
Paint object colour
Font colour
Line thickness options
Dash and dots line options
Arrow options
Creating shadows for drawing objects
Creating 3D effects for drawing objects