Designing your document

How to make things look good

Now comes the fun part of Microsoft Word. You've worked hard to type your text, had it profesionally edited (hopefully), and reads like a masterpiece. So how does it look on the page? Pretty boring?

Fortunately Microsoft Word comes with a fairly comprehensive range of text and document designing tools of its own to make your text and page look great. In fact, many of the buttons and menu commands you will see in Microsoft Word are primarily there to help you design your Word document.

For example, you will find buttons in the toolbar for specifying whether you want your text to have italics, bold, underline or virtually any other design feature you want.

Try it! The only thing we will mention in this section is to let you know of the most useful text designing buttons. Later we will look at other ways of designing your document — namely inserting pictures and drawings.

Defining the main text designing tool buttons

Font type
Font/text size
Left-align text
Centre-align text
Right-align text
Justify text
Numbered list
Dot list
Remove indentation
Add indentation
Fill colour
Text colour
No line space
1 line space
2 line spaces
Multiple text columns