Domain name server (DNS)

Domain Name Servers (DNS)

The address for every Web site on the Internet can be accessed via a Domain Name Server (DNS).

A DNS is an alternative addressing system designed to make it easier for people to locate someone on the Internet rather than remembering a long numerical IP address that a computer uses to locate the server.

All IP addresses and DNS must be registered and assigned by an organisation involved specifically in the management of these Internet addresses. Speak to a local ISP for more information.

The structure of a DNS is as follows:



[computer] is the name of the computer - usually this is http.

[location] is the unique name given to the location of the Web site.

[domain] is the type of organisation and perhaps some detail of the country where the organisation is located.

For example, is a full Internet address where [location]=tltsu.anu, and [domain] In this example, edu represents an educational organisation, and au is the code for Australia.

Remember, typing a DNS address on a computer using a keyboard is like dialling a number on a telephone using a keypad. It is just a means of identifying the web site and/or the specific pages you want to access on the Internet.

To have your own Web site, you can register your own unique DNS. Do bear in mind though that you will probably have to pay $50 per year to a company like InterNIC (or Network Solutions Inc outside the US) who specialises in the management of DNS and IP Internet addresses for millions of users. According to the Global Entrepreneurs Network (GEN):

"InterNIC, the [US] organization who administers and maintains US domains currently charges a fee of US$50.00 per year for domain service, the first two years being payable in advance. InterNIC will bill you directly via email in about one month and you have 90 days to submit payment to NIC. If you do not pay InterNIC it's fee your domain will eventually be cancelled by InterNIC."

In Australia, the will help you to register your domain name. The costs for registering as of June 2005 are as follows:

TYPE PRICE PERIOD (YEARS) DOMAIN TYPE A$28 1 New A$28 1 New A$28 1 Most common for commercial use A$28 1 Global network domain name A$28 1 Non-profit organisation domain name A$69 (inc. GST) 2 Commercial entity in Australia A$69 (inc. GST) 2 Network in Australia A$36 (inc. GST) 2 Network in Australia A$56 (inc. GST) 2 Network in Australia A$69 (inc. GST) 2 Network in Australia

Nevertheless, having your own DNS is still one of the best ways to attract clients to a Web site - by making your Internet address easy to remember. As The Age (Business Section) 19 July 2001 stated on page 3:

"Many businesses are flippant about the value of their Internet domain names, a conference was told yesterday.

Internet domain-names registrar Network Solutions Inc (Asia) managing director Arthur Chang warned companies their Internet brands could be as valuable as their "offline" brand.

Mr Chang said companies often made the mistake of leaving registration in the hands of their technical staff, who had little understanding of the marketing issues at stake. Instead, senior management should be the ones to scout out the most appropriate names." (1)