Sample software licenses given away for free

The software revolution has already begun

The competition to win the minds and hearts of consumers and business professionals to use specific software programs is fierce and strong.

Since 1995, software manufacturers from around the world have quite literally given away more than a thousand software titles in popular magazine CDs, promotional advertisements online and much more. Many of the programs are of the small software utility type such as 5D PDF Creator, CyberScrub 1.0 and Web Site Word 1.0. While others — where the competition in a particular software category is fierce — the software titles given away can be as big as Deneba Canvas 6.0, Eovia/TGS Amapi 4.15 and 5.1, and Adobe PhotoDeluxe 2.0.

To give you an idea of what's available now (unless you have gone to the trouble of buying the latest technologies which may not run the older software titles), here are a sample list of software titles and their serial numbers given away by software manufacturers:

602Office PC Suite 2001 (Freeware)


License ID: PC4FSA-2464HW-001-W5PZEKJMT

Freely distributed by various PC magazines and online

Adobe Photodeluxe 2.0

Windows only: HTW200N7000002-383

Freely distributed on a PC magazine

Aladdin Internet Cleanup 3.0

Serial Number INCB-KTJZ7RP-00032197 or ICLA-JAXEPWD-00015866

Freely distributed by, and Aladdin Systems

Ashampoo MP3 Check & Convert 2.0

Windows only: MCZ77B-898546-030f

Freely distributed by PC User June 2004 Volume 16, Number 6. CD Number 36.

Ashampoo Photo Illuminator 1.5

Windows only: ANO77A-938293-02fc

Freely distributed by Microsoft Windows XP (Australia's Official Monthly Magazine) April 2005.

ASP Web Interface Builder 3.5

Registration Code for Windows only 102047128

Freely distributed by February/March 2003

AVG 6.0 Anti-Virus System Free Edition


Corel Bryce 3D 3.0

Mac or PC: 20050-214885-00239

Freely distributed by 3D World July 2000 CD1.

CreatureHouse Expression 2 LE

Windows: LPCA-34913-27416-92264

Macintosh: LKCA-46052-27471-89613

Freely distributed by Computer Arts Interactive September 2001 CD61

CRM Maximizer 6.0

Windows only: 01223100310908

Freely distributed by Maximizer Software Australia and Australian PC User March 2003, No.21

CrocWare Recover My Files 1.6

Windows only: 678C-30B4-A793-F5B5-21F9-D705-2F15-95A3-4311-66BC

Freely distributed by Australian Personal Computer September 2003

CuriousLabs Poser 1.0


Freely distributed by MacFormat December 1997 MF57

CuriousLabs Poser 3.0


Freely distributed by Digit Magazine 2002 No.45

Deneba Canvas 6.0

PC or Mac: X121-DMMYX1062490

Freely distributed by IT Graphics May 2002 Disc No.29

DiskTop 4.0.1

Mac Serial No.: 28241

Freely distributed online.

Electric Image Amorphium 1.0

PC or Mac: 1098-1142-8200-0388

Freely distributed by Computer Arts Interactive August 2001 CD60

Electric Rain Font FX Express 2.5


Freely distributed by IT Graphics

Eovia/TGS Carrara Studio 1.1


Freely distributed by Digit Magazine October 2003 No.66


WebXport and ShockXport software key: VT10CRD-0098555-LAL

Patch for QuickTime Movies

Eovia/TGS Amapi 3D v4.15


Freely distributed by numerous magazines including MacAddict August 2001 No.60 and 3D World February 2001 CD6

Eovia/TGS Amapi 3D v5.15


Freely distributed by Digit Magazine October 2003 No.66

FileMaker Pro 7 (Standard)

Trial version Serial No. (from FileMaker Pro, Inc.)


NOTE: You can legally restart the trial version for OSX users by creating a new Preferences folder in /Users/[YourName]/Library/ remembering, of course, to move all.plist files from the old Preferences folder into the new one before replacing the old folder. Alternatively, use a utility to change the date creation and modification to today.

Firegraphic 4.0


Freely distributed by September 2003 Disc 55.

Fractal Design Painter 3.1

Mac: PM310NEZ0004875-KCRQ-001

IMSI TurboCAD 2D/3D v3

Windows 95 2D: C5D9B

Windows 95 3D: D3D2A

Freely distributed by PC Authority April 1998

Invention Office RGI Color Pilot 3.86

Windows only: 2616-187908290

Freely distributed by .net: The Internet Magazine June 2001 Issue 85

Jaws PDF Creator 2.11

Single user: LKZC-NRDW-YWAQ-Z9R9

Freely distributed by PC World August 2003

Macromedia Flash 3.0

Macintosh: FLM300-91169-17291-24415

Freely distributed by PC User February 2000

Macromedia FireWorks 1.0

Windows: FWW100-94058-27178-19356

Macintosh: FWM100-91755-57173-19376

Freely distributed by PC User July 1999

Macromedia Freehand 5.0

Windows only: 10350-0442-0937-22020

Freely distributed by PC Authority March 1999

Mobsoft Project Presenter SE


Freely distributed by PC Authority September 2002 Issue 58

Namo WebEditor 2.03

Username: FutureReader

License Key: 5DD3 0A7D A4F3 616B D30C D116

Freely distributed by .net: The Internet Magazine May 2000 CD71B

Philips FreeSpeech 98

Windows only: 1DRG1ZRE7RG46

Freely distributed by .net: The Internet Magazine May 2000 CD71A

QuarterDeck VirusSweep 1.0


Freely distributed by PC Format Christmas 1998 Issue 90

Registry Mechanic 3

Name: Windows XP Magazine

License Key: 5269-5DC1-AD36-E383-9990-B4F1-281A-FAA4

Freely distributed by Microsoft Windows XP (Australia's Official Monthly Magazine) April 2005.

Strata Studio 2.5

Windows: W116242690111

Macintosh: CE16242690111

Freely distributed by Digit Magazine.

Strata Vision 3d 4.0


Freely distributed by MacFormat

Totally Hip Web Painter 1.0.1

Serial Number: comp

Freely distributed by Mac Format June 1999 MF78

Webshop Designer 2000

Windows only: 167612120488

Freely distributed by PCPlus September 2000 No.167

Xara WebStyle 3

Windows only: XWS-3247-8670-8934

Freely distributed by PC User June 2004 Volume 16, Number 6. CD Number 36.

Please note that to use these serial numbers, you must have a copy of the magazine CD in your possession. This serial number service is for those who have the magazine CD but for certain reasons may have misplaced the serial number or can no longer obtain the serial number online.

If you do not have the CDs for these software titles, please visit the software manufacturers or find out whether the publishers still have remaining copies of past magazine editions.