Essential peripherals for your computer

What else do I need to buy with my computer?

Yes, we can hear the marketing/sales people rubbing their hands with glee, but once you have purchased a computer you will almost certainly need a few extra items to help make your investment a worthwhile one. These items are called peripherals and they should include the following:

  1. A surge-protected power board to protect your computer and data from power fluctuations (critical!); (1)
  2. Software for performing tasks with your computer (critical, otherwise you might as well put the computer on the mantlepiece or use it as a coffee-cup holder!);
  3. A hard disk backup unit (important!);
  4. A printer (colour inkjet or laserwriter);
  5. A scanner (a desktop version, but not the handheld variety!);
  6. A pair of quality stereo speakers and mouse to help make the experience of using your computer an enjoyable one (optional);

The development of new peripheral communication ports like Firewire and USB on the latest computers has seen the disappearance of the humble standard SCSI port, the standard 3.5mm stereo microphone port, and other familiar and proven ports. While these new ports are designed to make it easier to "hot swap" peripherals with your computer, the removal of older ports is because:

  1. Hardware manufacturers don't have to fit so many components inside a computer (i.e. reduce manufacturing costs); and
  2. Hardware manufacturers can get you, as a valued consumer, to spend more money buying an extra USB- and Firewire-compatible peripherals for basic things like an external microphone connection for plugging into your computer.

Where can I buy these peripherals from?

Please find below our recommended list of resellers and companies who are able to supply peripherals for your computer at a good price:

  1. Australia Computer Online
  2. Computer Warehouse Sydney Pty Ltd
  3. Harris Technology Centre
  4. International Software Warehouse (including peripherals)

We shall expand this list at a later date to include other companies outside of the US and Australia if the interest by readers is there to support it.