The computer - why use it?

A place to store and process digital information quickly

Apart from the human brain, the most important tool for storing, creating and processing information quickly is a computer.

The purpose of the computer

Computers are electronic devices for storing, retrieving and processing auditory and visual information converted to the digital format.

Information is converted to the digital format because it helps us:

  1. to organise and find information faster than any manual method such as the filing cabinet;
  2. to automate common tasks so we can free up our time to do something else more creative and interesting or at least speed up the common tasks;
  3. to create and store new ideas quickly and easily without the use of paper and pencil; and
  4. to manipulate the ideas and present them in a realistic way without affecting the environment.

Do I need to buy a computer?

Actually, no you don't need to buy a computer! If you start early enough in life, your brain is more than adequate for storing, processing and presenting auditory and visual information to your friends and family.

However, for a growing number of people worldwide, a computer is now becoming a valuable tool for assisting the brain in the task of storing, processing and presenting information.

Why? Firstly, there are now too many things we must consider in life before we can hope to do anything in the real world in a socially responsible way. Secondly, we tend to create so many different and interesting ideas for us to remember. But more often than not, we may forget some of the ideas unless we can somehow record them somewhere. Thirdly, we may like to refer back to those ideas from time to time, to rewrite or redraw the ideas in a clearer fashion, and to reorder the ideas in many different ways so that a quality solution can be found for all our problems. And fourthly, we like to do all of this without wasting any more valuable natural resources on this planet than is necessary such as paper.

That is why computers have become one of the most valuable technological tools of the 21st century and beyond. Once you have a properly manufactured computer and compatible software capable of handling every essential task you need in life, is compact enough and can last a lifetime, it becomes an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to gather ideas together, to see how they will affect the real world, and to present all your discoveries and results to everyone around you in the simplest way you can.

Of course, one should never see the computer as a permanent replacement for your humble brain. Otherwise you will lose your individuality. Rather, see it as a tool to complement and even enhance the functions of your brain as you learn to be a unique individual. It is okay sometimes to handle common and important information for society in an efficient and effective way using computers. Just so long as you are not fiddling around with how to use your constantly changing computer and keep doing the same things on the computer all the time for society, then you should be able to achieve your individuality.

It is all about knowing how you can use the computer to benefit humanity and all living things in a positive way.

It is definitely not about trying to prove how great your computer is compared to someone else's. It is also not about constantly learning to do the same tasks on a different and more compatible software just because someone else wants to keep changing the technology all the time.

Remember, you are here to be curious and carve out a unique road through your life. So use the stable and dependable tools available to you (old or new) such as the computer and selected software to understand yourself, the people around you, and this universe as well as to present to other people your unique interpretation of this extraordinary place with all the sense of realism you can possibly muster through your tools so that your ideas can become a reality.