Putting your spreadsheet on paper

Depending on how well you have designed your spreadsheet, you can usually print the spreadsheet on a single sheet of paper. At other times, the spreadsheet may be too large to fit into one page or it has to be printed on several sheets of paper. So how do you tell Microsoft Excel exactly how you want the spreadsheet to be printed?

You have three main commands available to you for controlling how your spreadsheet will look when printed. The first is Print Preview under the File menu command. Use this command to see how the spreadsheet will actually look on paper before you commit yourself to the print job.

The second is Page Setup under the File menu command. Use this command to specify the paper size and whether or not you want to have margins, place headers and footers for holding information such as page numbers and dates, and the scale of the spreadsheet to be printed onto the paper.

And the third is Page Break Preview under the View menu command. Use this command to make fine adjustments such as deciding which rows or columns to display in the printed page.

This involves nothing more than moving the cursor over the dotted blue lines representing the spreadsheet boundary in which everything inside will be printed onto a page, and then drag n' drop the lines to where you want them.