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SUNRISE wish to thank the following individuals and organisations:

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  • Marie Duncan, Sue Lee, Peter Martin, Karen Robinson (CSIRO).
  • Credit card validation technology by Brian Dunning, Jonathan Schwartz, Geoff Graham, Corn Walker, William Morris and Hank Shrier.

Can UFOs Advance Science?

First Edition

  • Editorial advice from Ken Fowler, Gordon Sheldon, Corrine Wakefield, Craig Wheeler, Michael Lee, and Kibin (Michelle, Crystal, Kathy and Jane).
  • Linda Brown for her advice and in granting us permission to reproduce some photographs of her father, Thomas Townsend Brown.
  • The artist impressions of UFOs used in this book were originally published in The Unexplained – Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time (1980-84) by Orbis Publishing Ltd in London. As Orbis has been taken over by the Italian publishing firm De Agostini UK Ltd. and with no reply to our e-mails or indications on their website that they own (or are selling) the publication, we believe the publication no longer exists. So, for scientific research purposes, we have decided to republish these artist impression images.
  • We have great admiration for the illustrative skills of Sergio Drummond (cartoons and the artist impression picture for the Cash- Landrum UFO case), Edu Torres (for his superb rendition of the Finland UFO case), and Goce Ilievski (artist impression picture of the UFO from Japan used on the book cover).
  • James for providing web address of Free Online Patents to permit users to check official patents used in this research work.
  • And a special thank you to the handful of brave scientists, and all the UFO investigators and researchers, over the last 60 years for releasing their work for all to see. Without these people, this book may never have been written.

Roswell Revealed

Second Edition

  • Our sincerest thanks must go to Dr Andrzej "Andrew" Calka, for some of his valuable time in providing copies of selected metal articles and giving his insights into the shape-memory metal NiTi, which forms the basis of this book's argument. Evidence of his work at the ANU between 1987-1997 (before he moved to the University of Wollongong in 1998) including a photo and ANU Physics Staff List, click here.
  • The late Colonel James Bond Johnson Ph.D. (1926-2006), military reporter and representative of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram for his details of what happened in General Ramey's office.
  • Mr Anthony Bragalia for his interest in seeking further information about our research work and in providing us with some information he has gathered about the Battelle Memorial Institute, in providing us with the 1972 report from Dr Frederick Wang, and the obituary details from the New York Times of Professor John P. Nielsen, the scientist mentioned in a number of important scientific articles we have found and used in this book.
  • The University of Texas in Arlington for providing us with the permission to reproduce the photographs taken by Mr Johnson, and Major Charles A. Cashon of Fort Worth Army Air Field.
  • It has come to our attention of the existence of the original 1982 article titled "Miracle Metal" from the Omega Science Digest (U.S. edition), a copy of which was made available to us in December 2014 by the original author Kevin Sanders (compared to our 1984 Australian copy, which contains slight variations in the author's name thanks to the Australian Omega Science Digest editor). If there is anything else he needs to create his upcoming documentary on the latest NiTi studies (beyond a copy of our book), we are only too happy to help where possible.
  • First Edition (2014): The editorial advice from experts at FirstEditing for their generous time in checking Chapters 7 and 8; Dr Bob Rich for straightening out an important aspect in Chapter 9 and in providing his keen skeptical eye, especially in chapters 4 and 5; the brilliantly meticulous editing work of senior engineer Imtiaz Siddiqu from Kibin in Chapters 3, 6 and 10; and Daniel T. Moore, also from Kibin, for carefully checking Chapters 1 and 2 (and a bit of Chapter 9 too for good measure).
  • Second Edition (2016): Updates and additions to various chapters have been edited by Kibin, including Crystal W., Michael S., Jane Jacobi, and Erin Sapre. For this we are forever grateful.
  • The original witnesses, such as Major Jesse A. Marcel, Bill Brazel, Lydia A. Sleppy and others, who took the courage to reveal their experiences of events at the time and what they saw of the original Roswell materials. Without them, this book could not have been written.

SUNRISE web site


  • We wish to acknowledge Jeff Ayling of the WAM Communications Group Pty Ltd for some creative thoughts and suggestions in the early design phase of this web site.
  • There can only be high praise for the incredible assistance provided by Indian freelancer Sandeep Verma. His expertise in PHP coding will always be remembered thanks to the excellent high-quality work he has done to help get certain specialised features of this web site working so well (especially the guestbook, eShop, and message sender).
  • PayPal should probably get a mention now that the process of purchasing for customers has been simplified and looks much better at their end. We were toying with whether to create an independent payment system, but PayPal has finally lifted up its game.
  • SUNRISE researchers.
  • And many thanks for the excellent web hosting provided by VentraIP,

VentraIP Australia

Finally, to anyone else who we cannot or have not been able to acknowledge (either because we could not track them down, or they wish to remain anonymous), we would like to thank you for helping to make this the best web site it can be and all the things we do at SUNRISE.