SUNRISE Contacts 2024

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About this software

An information organizer built for efficiency and simplicity in mind, with the ability to personalise the software to suit your personal life or company branding. This is an independent (i.e., not affiliated or controlled by Apple Inc., the government, the military, or any other organisation) solution designed to give you what you want, not what others think you should have. We also seek to provide a self-contained solution that can run without needing to be connected to the internet (so you are not forced to tell others whether you are online, who you are, whether you have registered your software, make excuses that someone is merely sending personalised advertisements to you or making your experience in using the software a better one etc.). In that way, you are not twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the software to work. Should the internet be available, additional information and features can be accessed and kept.

This software can be used as you see fit, for as long as you like. There are no restrictions on the number of records you can create or the type of information you want to store and organise. Apart from handling contact details, this tool contains a variety of features, such as built-in function and statistic plotters, a calculator with scientific functions, the ability to send HTML and Plain Text emails (for receiving emails, we recommend CNS POP3it Pro), text encryption and decryption, keeping track of important events in the calendar, archiving all kinds of electronic documents (you have a choice of storing files externally, internally, or both), performing OCR on scanned documents (for Mac users on macOS 12.5 or higher), and more.

We also have add-on databases available for you to buy. They are there to help you separate and focus on more specialized information relating to your work, hobby, or other activities and to expand the capabilities of your core free software. To activate these additional databases as well as hidden features in your core free software, grab a license key now.

Download Current Version 2024 v24.7.0
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Mac (354,275,862 bytes, or 337.87 MB) or PC (409,755,138 bytes, or 390.78 MB)*.

System Requirements
How to Run

FileMaker Pro 17 - 19 and FileMaker 2023 (or use the supplied Intel-based Runtime app, which works perfectly well on Apple Silicon Macs (the ones with an arm64 processor) so long as you have Rosetta installed), or the free FileMaker Go (for iOS devices, but still waiting for the freemium version or something equivalent from Apple to run on Apple Silicon Macs as the alternative to the Runtime app. Zzzzz...). To run our plug-ins on a Mac, we recommend that you use Get Info on the FileMaker Pro app and choose "Open with Rosetta".

Mac Requirements

OS X Sierra or higher (including macOS Sonoma) using the free Runtime app supplied, or purchase Claris FileMaker Pro.

PC Requirements

Windows 7 or higher (including Windows 11) on Intel-based PCs using the free Runtime app supplied, or purchase Claris FileMaker Pro.

Disk space

Minimum 1.16GB disk space for the standard databases (including contacts.fmp12), and extra space for storing videos, audio, digital eBooks, and high-resolution pictures, or if you intend to purchase add-ons.


Learn more about how to make SUNRISE Contacts secure and why we think security is important in any database.

Getting Started

For information about how to get started using SUNRISE Contacts.

2024 v24.7.0

The current phase of product development requires very little work to fix things. If you find anything out of place or not working (which should be extremely rare), don't hesitate to let us know. In this update, we have fixed the Section and Position fields to accept data correctly, and tweaked the contact interface for a more modern look.

Further Improvements

From now on, it is up to you to decide how you want to use this product.

* Includes the exact file size in bytes. Use this file size to determine if the file is genuine and untampered with (i.e., always free of malware, spyware, and adware). When you download, check that the download file size is equal to the number of bytes shown here. We don't apply any special programming to restrict the app through code-signing (usually time-based), as Apple can do with its own apps. As a further security measure, only download the software from this page.