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SUNRISE Business / Education
(the "Give Me an Advantage Collection")

Organise your subjects and lessons the easiest way with unlimited pages, or duplicate the file as many times as you need for each unique content and rename to create a variety of self-contained lessons to cover a complete course.

No need to learn a complicated eContent making tool. Enjoy the simplicity of copy/paste or drop-and-drop using this tool. All you have to do is select a general page design to include a combination of text and video/picture/PDF/Web Page or focus entirely on one aspect. Add handouts so student can download with the content for a given lesson or page. Add a multiple choice test to see if students have learned the lesson and store the results. Set a password and send to students. Students can use FileMaker Pro or the free SUNRISE Contacts ( to view the presentation. As soon as students complete and upload the file, you can see the results.

Or use FileMaker Server to deliver the presentation on a web browser and login with your password to view the test results.

Finally, an e-learning presentation tool that doesn't require you to get to grips with Lectora or some other complicated content-making tool, or needing a graphic designer to create attractive pages. Best of all, this solution allows you to keep the content on your computer, not on a "hope it is working" Cloud server thousands of kilometers away (as well as pay additional costs for the privilege — we hear teachers are not paid enough for their hard work and time limited professional services).

Lessons can be displayed using the Runtime app supplied with SUNRISE Contacts, or use Apple's free FileMaker Go on M1 Macs and iPad. If your students have FileMaker Pro, that is way more than they need to access your lessons.

And yes, you can upload the presentation files you create to FileMaker Server to deliver rich HTML5 WebDirect presentations on any web browser using a computer and digital projector, or let students learn from home or any location using their laptops or mobile devices. Need more? Just let us know and we will add the feature.

How to use your eLearning tool
12 minutes 45 seconds

Running a printshop? You will appreciate this tool for printshop business owners. Set up multiple printer icons for the same printer with different print settings and you can, with a click of a button, change the printer name and print the document in any application that can open and print it. Or select drop folders for different printers and the print-ready PDF documents can be placed in them for holding on the Fiery server. Many features to simplify your business, including an online order form for customers to upload files for printing (use FileMaker Server to display the form online), select their preferred printing services (and prices are calculated on-the-fly for different sizes, amounts, and number of copies), and make payments.

A streamlined version of printshop.fmp12 without all the specialist print-related information. Use it to organise your inventory, prepare invoices or let customers order online and create the invoices for you. Send the invoices to customers via MYOB, QuickBooks, PayPal or PDF/email, or let customers download a copy of the invoice/quote. Gives you more time to focus on what's important: delivering the products or services to your customers.

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