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SUNRISE Business / Education
(the "Give Me an Advantage Collection")

Finally, an e-learning presentation tool that doesn't require you to get to grips with Lectora or some other complicated content-making tool, or have to hire a graphic designer to create attractive pages. Best of all, this solution allows you to keep the content on your computer, not on a "hope it is working" Cloud server thousands of kilometers away (as well as pay additional costs for the privilege — we hear teachers are not paid enough for their hard work and time limited professional services). Enjoy the simplicity of copy/paste or drop-and-drop using this tool and let it present your stuff in an attractive way. Add handouts so student can download them. Add a multiple choice test (with reading material if required) to see if students have learned the lesson and store the results. Set a password and send this elearning file to students directly, or publish online using FileMaker Server (and see the results in real-time). Students can use FileMaker Pro, the free Runtime app supplied with SUNRISE Contacts, or FileMaker Go on iPad and iPhone (and hopefully soon for Android tablets and phones) to view the presentation.

How to use your eLearning tool
12 minutes 45 seconds

Create a variety of visual and graphical charts, including line, bar, pie, donut, stacked bars and more. Uses Javascript open source chart for more attractive, greater control and flexibility to create any chart you like. Settings to control data labels, legends, font sizes, background colours, tooltips, and more. Export charts as SVG with ease.

Useful tool for those working in project management. All relevant details are rendered in an attractive Gantt Chart. This is a tool to help you visualise when projects or tasks get done as well as co-ordinate them as needed to minimise costs and time.

Running a printshop? You will appreciate this tool for printshop business owners. Set up multiple printer icons for the same printer with different print settings and you can, with a click of a button, change the printer name and print the document in any application that can open and print it. Or select drop folders for different printers and the print-ready PDF documents can be placed in them for holding on the Fiery server. Many features to simplify your business, including an online order form for customers to upload files for printing (use FileMaker Server to display the form online), select their preferred printing services (and prices are calculated on-the-fly for different sizes, amounts, and number of copies), and make payments. Apart from that, use it to organise your business administration work, such as creating your inventory, prepare invoices, or let customers order online and create the quotes and invoices for you. Send invoices to customers via PayPal, PDF/email, or paper-based, or let customers download a copy of the invoice/quote as a PDF. Let this tool calculate tax on-the-fly with each item added to the invoices and stores the total results when you are ready to process it in your business finance add-on. The ultimate aim of this tool is to give you more time to focus on what's important: delivering the products and/or services to your customers.

A streamlined version of printshop.fmp12 without all the specialist print-related information.

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